Happy Monday! January 2, 2023

Happy Monday! January 2, 2023

 Gibbous Moon Phase – trust, analyze, prepare, digest, alchemy

– Moon in TAURUS – Void of Course 5:16 PM – 9:44 PM moving to Gemini

– Retrograde Planets – Uranus, Mars, Mercury

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – Jan 2nd – Mow to Increase Growth, Travel for Pleasure, Cut Firewood, Write, Dig Holes, Host a Party, Kill Plant Pests

– Planting Calendar (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – Jan 2nd – 4th  – Poor days for planting, seeds tend to rot in ground.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): – Kali – Goddess of Beginnings and Endings

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Seth – God of the North, God of Enlightenment

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month – New Moon in Capricorn SUN: –   SUN/MOON – 02 CAPRICORN: three stained glass windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war   (& EARTH: –  02 CANCER: a man on a magic carpet observes vast vistas below him )

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: a flock of wild geese

SUN – 12 CAPRICORN: a student of nature lecturing, revealing little-known aspects of life

EARTH – 12 CANCER: a Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher

Happy Monday! Be grateful for every second of every day you get to spend with the people you love.

Welcome folks to another Monday. I am writing again late in the day. The Moon is still Void of Course – and will be by my watch for another 20 minutes. And I am going to bring up a subject that could/might get me banned by every Social Media Platform proovided to us by the mainstream today.

Maybe that is it would get me banned by many of them EXCEPT it was just televised on Monday Night Football – Live and in your face!

A player – I think on the Buffalo Bills – named Damar Hamlin (age 24) just collapsed after being involved in a play. He passed out and they had to perform CPR on him. I think that means he may have been dead for at least a little bit right there on National TV. And at this point, he was wisked off in an ambulance and we have no idea what is happening.

Now I was watching Monday Night Football in the same way I watch the Morning News and my wife’s soap operas. It was on the TV and it was like second hand smoke. I only noticed after about five minutes silence and players milling arond that something had actually happened. And then when the Buffalo Bills coach gathered his whole team to have a group Prayer – ON NATIONAL TV – I knew we had seen it.

A Nationally Televised Coronavirus Vaccine Death in the USA. Mark this date. January 2, 2023. The date they cannot deny it happening.


Let’s all face facts. The lamestream has been denying the possibility that these odd deaths might have ANYTHING to do with and DNA-revising substances mandated by the WHO and every other government on the face of this earth – and Dr Fauci of course.

But it really takes a serious leap of faith in the Cabal not to see what has been happening. People are dropping like flies right in front of us.

If you are in the US, you have missed the stream of soccer players in Europe and around the world who have keeled over on the pitch. No one cares about soccer here. So it is easy to not report it.

This month has been eye opening though. Its the end of the year and every news magazine program is recapping the deaths in the last year. And in case you forgot what these painful things are like, the ones this year have been MUCH longer. They stayed away from the details of these deaths when they happened. Had to for fear of people openly questioning them. But when it comes to the painful recaps, it’s hard to hide it.

I found this on Breitbart:

A Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday found.

The survey asked respondents, “How likely is it that side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths?”

Nearly Half Say It Is ‘Likely’ Coronavirus Vaccines Have Caused ‘Significant Number of Unexplained Deaths’

Now this is just a Poll. And so far no one in the lamestream that I have seen are reporting it. 49% of those polled are now questioning. The question to ask is when will that hundredth monkey finally see it? Who is going to have to die? Or better yet, who is going to have to stop lying about it?

Ask yourself how many of the people who are waking up to this are walking around with Gene altering sauce in their veins? Are the now asking if it will be them next?

Frontiers | COVID-Related Athletic Deaths: Another Perfect Storm?

Well as of now, Monday Night Football cancelled the game for the night. Unprecedented. The Think Tank spin Doctors will be planning what to say about this. We should expect the new party line on the morning news.

Pay Attention. Will it be The Big Lie? Misdirection? We will see.

But remember the words from the Happy Monday Message of the Day.

Be grateful for every second of every day you get to spend with the people you love.