What is Astro Gardens?

WHO AM I? Andrew Foss. Internet Content Writer and entrepreneur. Live with my Family in Eastern PA where I have a home with a Garden.

Honestly, I have no idea. I have been working on this site idea for about six months. And the site has more to do with my plans to create an extensive garden in my backyard this year than with anything else. I only decided on the name while I was searching for available URL’s and this one was available.

The idea for the garden was to apply natural cycles and farming techniques to our small suburban yard. You may have heard of or seen stories about Urban Gardens. These are cases where people convert their entire yards into food production. While I applaud the idea, it will not be possible in our yard. Our small quarter acre property has 2 large trees on it. In front, we can grow very little – even grass is a challenge – due to the extensive shade. Our back yard has a large Mulberry tree and a sizable Lilac bush. I will be utilizing as much space as is available.

My Garden, My Life

While creating this garden is both a pass time and an excuse to blog, it is also an excuse to talk about a lot of my interests. And I can do so in the context of my garden. So, you can expect ample discussions on a wide range of subjects like:

My Family – Part of this is that I will be providing a source of food for my family. My wife and I have lots of kids (9 adopted in all). Only 4 are still living with us. We also take in foster children. Presently, we have one living with us, who is medically fragile.

Natural Cycles – I usually buy an Almanac each year. For 2018 I have 2 of them. This is mainly because it is a lot of fun. But there is also a lot of information that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Seasons – Naturally. I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia). For anyone not from here, understand that it is farmland. We are in a suburban area. But there are cornfields next to our grocery store. Though there is no farm land in our school district, there is in two of the districts that touch ours. We get snow in the Winter and Rain all the rest of the time. Hurricanes are known to sneak up the coast and through our area. I am originally from California – where we had no real seasons. When people ask how I like the difference, I usually answer that I like it about 6 months out of the year (and that would be the summer months to be sure).

Lunar cycles – This is an interest to me. Most people pay no attention to the Moon and its effect on our lives. But being the closest celestial object to our planet, its’ effect on us is significant. And, not surprisingly, there is an effect on planting and growing.

Astrology – It is not just the Moon that exerts its influence on our lives. There is also the Sun and planets. We find that there are much more natural cycles that can be followed throughout the year than we know on the Calendar. I will be talking at length about much of this and relating its influence on the garden

Health and Wellness – A large part of this garden is about growing natural and healthy food for my family. And in researching things, there is so much we can grow and provide naturally that really cannot be found in a grocery store. Kevin Trudeau, in his book Natural Cures, noted that we should choose foods that are as close to nature as we can find. Canned Fruit is good. Fresh fruit from the store is better. Fruit picked from a farm and bought at a roadside stand is even better than that. Fruit Flavored gummies are bad.

Guerilla Gardening – Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse – Bringing this up mostly because it is one of my passions (dystopian fiction that is). But when you read and watch enough stories about the end of the world as we know it, you start to think that maybe the John Birch Society types who have a cache of guns and a 90-day food supply stored in an underground bomb shelter may not be all that wrong. While I do not have any of this, I do consider what might happen to our family if the power grid got knocked out by say a massive CME from the sun. And I know for a fact that I do not have a working flashlight in the house or the batteries to power it. So, it is time to plan.

Politics – PLEASE DO NOT PANIC OR WORRY HERE. I will not be going on politics rants about the present or past administrations. Where I will comment is when the government is affecting our lives. By that I mean going beyond its constitutional mandate into our lives. Things like promoting GMO’s and the pharmaceutical industry. Climate engineering. Chemtrails. Setting up FEMA camps. Hiding UFO encounters. All the important stuff.

A Word from my sponsors

I have none at this point. But if Burpee Organics wants to send me seeds, someone wants to loan me a rototiller, or Home Depot wants to give me a bunch of wood to make raised garden beds, I will gladly take them. You may see ads show up on the site from Google – If they are willing to pay me to put ads on the site, I will take it (seeds can be expensive).

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