Friday June 5, 2020 – Welcome the Strawberry Moon

Friday June 5, 2020

– Full Moon Phase (@3:12 PM): illumination, realization, fulfillment, shadow, relationships, experience

– Moon in Sagittarius

– Sun in Gemini 

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – June4th – 5th – Cut Firewood, Mow to Increase Growth, Castrate Farm Animals, Dig Holes, Wean, Wash Windows, Advertise to Sell, Ask for Loan, Travel for Pleasure, Kill Plant Pests

– Gardening tips  (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –June 5th – Dry Fruits and Vegetables, Cut Hair to Slow Growth, Mow to Slow Growth, Castrate Farm Animals, Pick Apples and Pears, Wean, Quit Smoking, Potty Train, Perform Demolition, Wash Wooden Floors, Wash Windows, Start Diet to Lose Weight, Advertise to Sell, Ask for Loan, Buy a Car, Slaughter, Kill Plant Pests

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): Bagalamukhi (The Storm-Calmer) – All are on Duty this month but Bagalamukhi is taking the lead.

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East, God of Wisdom

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “The garden of the Tuileries in Paris” (& Two men playing Chess)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “A Triangle with Wings”

SUN: 16 GEMINI – A woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause

EARTH: 16 SAGITTARIUS –Sea gulls fly around a ship looking for food

Will the Full Strawberry Moon bring us enlightenment? Or more Full Moon Fever?

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun describes far too well what we have been seeing for the past few days – and expect more of today. Impassioned emotion – looking for a crowd. Planting the seed to foment raw emotion. Looking for Change, but unclear on what that “change” will be.

On the Other hand, The Earth Symbol is also telling. Riots and looting have run rampant and have destroyed cities across the USA and beyond.

This 2-week long Purge has been the perfect distraction to the Plandemic. The messaging in the lamestream switched overnight. Do your counts again today. How many times do you hear:



Social Distancing




I feel more and more that this was the perfect antidote to get people out of lockdown – giving the government the power and authority to do everything they were planning. Implementing more social control over the people.

Like yesterday, I ask people to look deeper. Look to what the news is not saying. Review stories that did not get legs, like:

The Number of people who tested positive for CV19 who did not get sick

The daily number of people who are ACTUALLY sick at that day

The number of people who have bought Guns for protection

When people in power take control of our lives, it is time to be SCARED. VERY SCARED.

I read an article this morning that argued this very point. It was by John Whitehead published by The Rutherford Institute.

America’s founders provided us with a very specific explanation about the purpose of government and a road map for what to do when the government abuses its authority, ignores our objections, and establishes itself as a tyrant.

We must choose between peaceful slavery (in other words, maintaining the status quo in servitude to the police state) and dangerous freedom. That will mean carving out a path in which we begin to take ownership of our government, starting at the local level, challenging the status quo, and raising hell—nonviolently—whenever a government official steps out of line.

If you want to read it all, Click Here

The article makes the point that the actions of the past few weeks are a clear indication that the government and people in power are making a power grab now.

I have been thinking the same thing throughout the whole Coronavirus lockdown. This is just the next phase.