Energetic Update – New Moon May 22





Cliff notes from Laura Walker PIR interview 5/17/2020 ———————————————————-

PIR reminded us of the cryptic meeting that Trump had with a group of the military some years back and would not tell any of the press what it was about – just referenced ‘the calm before the storm’ and when they asked what that meant.

Nov 26, 2019 – Sagittarius new moon, Sabian Symbol “An old owl up in a tree” sets the energetic theme for that lunar cycle – wisdom, search for wisdom (inner & outer), denial no longer being sustainable as Sagittarius symbolizes Truth. To Illuminati, it symbolizes Lucifer the Light Bringer. They use the astrological energetics and Sabian symbols to help ensure they launch their initiatives during the most propitious Full Moon –

Dec 12, 2019. Sabian – “A Cafeteria with an abundance of choices”. Also the date the Trump impeachment process started in Congress. They tried multiple approaches to impeach, all signifying and attack not just on the President himself, but symbolically on the American people and the Constitution. Sun Sabian Symobl on Dec 12- “People cutting through ice in winter for use in summer”. Laura predicted that arrests would not happen until summer, although the mechanisms were being put in place back in Dec. This Sabian also is tied in with the need to prepare and store food for the future, which we are seeing right now.

Dec 26, 2019 – New Moon Solar Eclipse. Energetics during an eclipse take 6 months to materialize fully, and 6 months is June 12. Sabian – “Indians in a canoe, some rowing and some doing a war dance in it”. This is about war and going to war. This energetic ushered in the whole virus saga. Jan 12 – Great Saturn/Pluto conjunction – the dynamic about which all others are coalescing. It’s about structural transformation on a planetary/civilization level. Happens every 30 or so years. Refer back to Laura’s April 19,2019 Oracle Report titled “Saturn and Pluto – The Makers of Eris”. Where she details many and various events that shaped history and that were tied to the past 3 Saturn/Pluto cycles. About halfway down the page here: [link to www.oraclereport.com] Now, in early May 2020, the Moon’s North and South nodes (Rahu & Ketu, signifying the past and the future) have finally moved into Sagittarius & Gemini, signifying the communication for truth and meaning. looking at aspects of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and how they are affecting us this cycle.

Gemini New Moon – May 22, 2020 – Sabian Symbol: “The Garden of the Tularies in Paris”. (Renaissance gardens crated in the 1500s) This symbol is about wishes fulfilled, creating boundaries, symmetry and order. Trying to control something natural – never works – you can’t fight Mother Nature. People are tired of being controlled, locked down, blocked from each other and nature – this will backfire big time. This energetic will be in effect all month long, and will reach its peak at the Full Moon. Sabian for the Earth – “Two men playing chess” – it’s about strategy, game-playing. Stuff is going on behind the scenes – we will see the strategy.

This is the summer of Retrogrades – we have many planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Venus) regtrograde this summer. We need to revisit many things going on the past 6 months and we will see things we missed the first time around. An opportunity to learn and discover truth, so we can move forward more effectively when planets return to forward motion. Lots of intense information and communication coming in to us this month. More details on Gemini New Moon will be posted on the OracleReport.com website the week before the New Moon.

June 5 – Full Moon in Sag: connecting back along Gemini/Sagittarius axis to Dec 12 Full Moon when impeachment started. Sabian Symbol: “Seagulls fly around a ship, looking for food”. In contrast to the Sabian symbol on Dec 12 (cafeteria w/ abundance of choices, multiple ways to attack), now there’s no food – nothing but scraps. Sunset on the new world order. Sun Sabian: “A woman activist in an emotional speech, dramatizing her cause” This is a repeat, because that symbol is already in effect in the Taurus cycle, which started April 22, where Venus was at the new moon in Taurus. Laura thinks this points to Sydney Powell (possible candidate in 2024?) Trump’s BD is June 14 and it looks very good, he has very favorable aspects in his chart.

June 21 – Summer Solstice, Cancer New Moon / Solar Eclipse. Everything that started in the Dec solar eclipse should have all come out / get resolved at this next solar eclipse. Dec 2019

New Moon Solar Eclipse: Indians in a canoe, some rowing and some doing a war dance in it June 2020 New Moon Sabian: On A Ship, Sailors Lower the Old Flag And Raise A New One. So the “war” that started back in Dec 2019 (impeachment attempt, someone letting the virus loose, etc) will get some resolution. Laura thinks Trump needs go all in and deal with not just the corruption in DC, but also the Gates Fund, English Queen/Privy Council, etc. (sadly, not likely to have that kind of reach). Several other reasons why Gemini cycle beginning May 22 is “the perfect storm”:

1) Saturn, which is retrograde, is at the sabian symbol of “A unexpected thunderstorm” and has been sitting on this degree for a while now, just churning up the perfect storm. Saturn always “brings it”. Saturn represents government, laws, karma, authority.

2) Pluto & Jupiter are also conjunct the New Moon. This signifies Revision, or a counter to the structural transformation that the cabal is trying to implement for this world (one world government, fascist control, transhumanism, etc.) Jupiter magnifies things, and is a benefic.

3) Venus and Mercury will be conjunct at 21 Gemini, which is sextile to Eris Point. This is the big energetic the cabal always times their ‘false flag moves’ with. Eris is the archetypal goddess of hard-won wisdom, renaissance and rebirth.

All of these energetics coming together at this point in time are driving the Look at new moons, full moons and eclipses, and the sabian symbols associate with them. This will point out

June 24-25 (depending on your location) Venus goes back into direct motion. Venus is the rule of relationships, creating, material things, appearances, values, money, security, comfort. This Venus Retrograde is about Values Reassement, what do we really value, what do we want to create, how should we revise our relationships with others (both at a personal and a national level)

Venus went retro at 22 Gemini with a Sabian of “dancing couples crowd the barn at a harvest festival”. This is about hometown values, simple entertainment, togetherness, sharing, couples relationships, and since it is a harvest festival, it’s about reaping rewards. Venus is also sextile the Eris Point, so couples with relationships under stress (a lot of that going on) will need to find ways to work things out. One thing to keep in mind, if you’re single and meet someone during a Venus retro period, that relationship will tend not to last. Might only last during the reto period, or only until the next retro period. Marriages during either a venus or mars retro period are not advised.

Venus stations direct at 6 sagittarius June 24-25 with a Sabian of “Workmen drilling for oil”. This tells us that during the retro period, venus will go deep on values reassessment (both personal and global), going down deep rabbit holes digging for truth, for example.

Economic things will also be in the picture. How do we reconcile our freedom and liberty with the desire for security and comfort?

Hold the light and the thoughts of what you value in your daily lives.

Find a symbol of hope, even if you aren’t particularly hopeful. Plant some flowers or a garden, if nothing else. Continue to work towards a world free from the Archontic control system.

Uranus is at the symbol of “a christmas tree, decorated”. The Mahavidyas (vedic wisdom goddesses) informed Laura that this past christmas of 2019 would be the last one as we’ve traditionally known and experienced it. She said it made her really sad and she kept the tree up with only lights, and turns it on at night. Phoenix said he’s seen a lot of people in his area who did not take their lights down and still keep them on at night as a symbol of hope. So we’re getting close to a pivot point, but we’re not done yet. There will be another Saturn Pluto conjunction Sept 28, so there’s gonna be another round of what we’ve been going through. Uranus hasn’t been in Taurus since the ‘New Deal’ years. Trump wants money for infrstructure, to put all the unemployed people back to work rebuilding the country – making it great again. Time for WPA/CCC 2.0 This is a time for testing, and continuing the hard work towards “second renassaince”. But there will be surprises and twists. Be ready to roll with them.

The New Moon in Aries every year sets the energetic tone of the year, and had Eris conjunct Chiron in Aries; The Aries New Moon Sabian Symbol was “A Triangle With Wings”. The NWO will have to fly away in defeat as this astrological year comes to a close in April 2021.

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