Real Food Reset – Going on a Diet Today 4-27-2018

In the not too distant past, I tried an interesting diet. Actually it was 4 or 5 years ago, and also beginning in the month of May.

I came across the diet while tooling around on Facebook at the time. I had actually decided that I was going to do something, and this just happened across my newsfeed at the right time. Funny thing is that it was written and designed by a high school friend of mine who I had reconnected with in the world of Facebook. And let it be known, at the time, I did not start it with the intention of losing weight. That was simply a happy side effect.

The REAL Food Reset – 30 days to lose weight, kick cravings, & feel great!

Here is what they say about it:

Unlike a diet, a detox or a flush, The Real Food Reset develops healthy eating habits that become a platform for perfect health for the rest of your life. No weighing, measuring, or counting required!

•  tired of being overweight?

•  fed up with cravings?

•  are done letting food rule your life?

•  you need to get healthy NOW!

You are about to read the book that will teach you everything you need to know about starting your own ’30 Days,’ and continue to improve going forward using Real Food as your only tool.

With The Real Food Reset you will:

•  lose fat

•  get fit

•  feel better

•  feel results in just 30 days or even less!


As I said before, I had not decided to do this diet for the purposes of losing weight. However, when it was all said and done, I had lost 18 lbs.

At the time, what I wanted to do was a cleanse. There are many cleanses out there and many reasons to do them. My reason was simple. I felt like shit a lot of the time. Specifically, I was having trouble with extreme pain in my feet and legs when I would wake up. I was looking for something to help this. And if I would then be able to fit into more of my old clothing, what a bonus.

The results:

  1. I lost 18 lbs in 30 days.
  2. The pain in my feet dissappeared within 1 week.
  3. I learned a ton about the food I was eating.


It is not easy. It takes a serious commitment. It takes serious will power. It was expensive keeping new and different foods around the house that the kids and my wife would not eat.

So I will be starting today. I remember enough about it to step right back into it. I will be talking about this a lot and tying it into the garden. It would help a lot if I were already growing a lot of this stuff. That being said, I will be able to eat some of my lettuces before the end of this diet.



  1. Great post Andrew. Thank you for sharing about your experience with this diet. I am curious did the leg and foot pain remain gone since the first week you started this 4 or 5 years back? that is extraordinary. that you found something to relieve that. Now that I write more, I am curious too, what are your thoughts and feelings on what was causing that pain? did you find a specific food culprit for that pain? I am also curious, are you starting the cleanse for anything in particular now? If you are not inclined to write about any of these topics….. no worries at all. your results are extraordinary so it’s just of interest to hear more. I am going to take a look at the book, it sounds great.

    1. Author

      I plan to be talking about this diet experience a lot over the next month.

      For my leg and foot pain, I could not attribute anything specific that I had done. I personally believe that it was eliminating the sugar from my diet. I know for pretty certain that i do not have trouble with my sugar (Diabetes wise – My doctor gave me a very clean bill of health in March).

      My reason for doing this now? It is mostly for weight loss. I am not overweight by any stretch of the imagination. But it is coming up on summer and I am having trouble being comfortable in some of my pants. I absolutely do not fit in at least a third of them. Since I know and am comfortable with this diet, I just made the decision on the 29th. Decision made. I move forward.

      Of course I do this with full knowledge. Eating food with no added sugar is very hard and takes a lot of planning. ALSO, no alcohol. No beer. No wine. Bums me out. But it will not kill me. I have found that each time I did the diet, I did not miss it.

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