January 26, 2021 a significant event began on Wall Street Remember this date. Remember it well. It marks the beginning of one of the battles in the undeclared war that has been going on for the past few years. And it truly is a World War. It is being foughtContinue Reading

In choosing themes, I am honoring Wealth Wednesday. This is not my idea by any stretch of the imagination. But for following sovereignty and personal rights, our financial life is something we need to be paying attention to. I have swiped a post from one of my favorite sites (www.thrivemovement.com).Continue Reading

Are we in the middle of a revolution now? Has World War 3 already started? Will we (collectively) only know about it in 30 years when we read about it in  the neatly printed government text books from our government apartments outside the government work camps we are herded into each day?Continue Reading