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What the “F” is This?

What do you do when something comes up in your garden and you have no idea what it is?


The easy answer is that you pull it like the weed that it is (or may be). However sometimes something starts growing that in intriguing. Thus we have frankenplant here.

Frankenplant sits on the edge of what I would call my Pumpkin patch.  Last year, after the cucumbers finished themselves for the season, Pumpkins took over this patch. They were weird organic pumpkins, that provided more blooms for the local rabbit population than actual pumpkins (I think only 2 were harvested for decorations on our front porch). And they were bright yellow.

It also sits at the end of a row that had originally been planted with a number of things that never came to pass. As I noted above, we have a rabbit problem that I did not properly fence against. I saw trays of carrots, radishes, beans, cauliflower and broccoli all dug up and killed. Since all the plants were part of a collection of organic seeds I got off Amazon, they were mostly strange and unusual varieties of veggies.

So this year, after plowing the patch and letting is sit for a month, I was faced with Frankenplant here. I figured it was some weird thing I planted that has yet to reveal its nature. 4 feet later, I am still wondering. And thus the Game begins (because I have no clue).

Help me identify it.










My descriptions here are entirely non-horticultural (as I am just a garden-variety gardener whose knowledge comes from the back of a Burpee Seed package.

I offer you close ups. The leaves are broad like a banana tree or tobacco leaf. No discernible smell. New growth sprouts from intersections of leaves (much like a tomato plant that you squeeze off when you want to train it).

The branches are surprisingly thick like a succulent.

Its buds are little white flowers.

Hoping to find out whether this is a completely useless weed or if it may grow into something edible.


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Happy Songs – Filling your Head with Love

A Short Playlist to Get you on the Positive Path

They say garbage in, garbage out as a description of what the media throws at us every day.

The Law of Attraction tells us that we become what we think about. I suggest that in order to stay in the positive, you should surround yourself with positive. So I am compiling a list of happy songs that will keep you in that happy place:

Happy – Pharell Williams

Lover of the Light – Mumford and Sons

On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons

The Best Day of My Life – American Authors

Three Little Birds -Bob Marley

I Can See Clearly Now – Jimmy Cliff


These are a few songs I can come up with off the top of my head. There are certainly more.  I invite you to offer more suggestions in the comments. And please share them as well! Happy should not be kept bottled inside. It needs to be shared!