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DADA101 – Medicine Wheel of Protection

“Some things are true whether we believe in them or not. I call these big “T” truths. Other things are true only because we do. I call these little “t” truths. The Universe is spacious enough to accomodate big “T” truth and all our little “t” truths. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to increase our conscious creation of Reality and reduce our unconscious creation. Who wants to play?”

         – from one of my Facebook Friends named Gerald Thomas

Daily Prayers

Do you Pray?

This is a somewhat controversial topic when asked in mixed company. Different faiths practice in different ways and focus their energies in different ways. I come at this from an American and Judeo-Christian background. We learned to Thank God at meals and to pray before going to bed. Some of these prayers were rote learned prayers:

“Bless us oh lord and Thanks for this gifts we are about to receive. Amen”

This was the basic prayer recited at meals in our house and in the homes of most of my friends growing up.

And something similar each night before going to bed.

“Now I lay thee down to sleep. I pray the lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake. i pray the lord my soul to take.”

I hated this one. So early on I changed it to something more personal.

I believe there are far fewer children nowadays blessing their food or saying prayers at night before bad. Organized religion is less popular today than it was 50 years ago when I was being brought up.

I often wonder where, in world absent the specific teachings of moral absolutes that our children today are learning about it. I know pretty sure that it isn’t from schools.

But this wasn’t intended to be a discussion about religious faith. Rather, its an introduction to the idea of protection. After years of daily practice saying my prayers, they were doing nothing for me. So I stopped. I questioned much of what I believed spiritually at that time.

The question is, what do you believe and how do you see the universe. Are there powers and energies that you feel or that can influence. And what, if anything, are you doing as you face the universe each day in the form of spiritual protection?

For my part, I would like to offer suggestions or practices that I have learned about that may help. And give as much background and information as I can find to help you in these practices.

The Medicine Wheel – Shamanic Prayer of Protection

The first of the “Prayers” I want to offer is The Medicine Wheel of Protection. This “prayer” comes from Shamanic practices and is much followed by Native Americans still today.

It invokes a sphere of protection around us that is sovereign.  It makes a complete circuit between the Earth, the heavens, and ourselves.  I can attest that it works and it works very, very well.

The Medicine Wheel of Protection is an ancient, daily practice of reconnecting and sealing with the Earth and the stars. It is highly effective at affecting archontic intrusion by placing a sphere of sovereignty around us.

I practice The Wheel as morning ritual before beginning the day.  For me, it is generally in the shower – which seems the best time for me to do it. The following procedure is given as a general outline and is meant to be personalized. Add your own elements to make the Wheel your own.

You will be addressing each of the cardinal directions during the ritual. So you should determine these in advance. Not owning a compass, I used a compass app on my phone to find them. Then found a mark to concentrate towards.

1. EAST – Yellow – Land of the Rising Sun – “I seek wisdom.”

Medicine Wheels are always begun and entered from the East. Bring your hands together in prayer and honor the East. Aloud or silently to yourself, repeat the keynotes, “I honor the East, the Land of the Rising Sun. I seek wisdom.” Picture what lies to the East of you. For me, I visualize the sun breaking the horizon and imagine the yellow light filling me with wisdom.

2. SOUTH – Red – Land of the Winds of Experience – “I experience.”

Turn 90-degrees and face South. Repeat the keywords, “I honor the South, the Land of the Winds of Experience. I seek experience.” What do you imagine when you look to the South? The South is the part of the wheel that represents our sense of learning through playfulness and sensations. Our quest for wisdom is furthered by our experiences. It also embodies music. I am often filled with a song that may have entered my consciousness and allow it to overtake me. This song will often carry me through the full ritual.

3. WEST – Black – Land of the Setting Sun – “I am transformed.”

Turn 90-degrees and face West. Repeat the keywords, “I honor the West, the Land of the Setting Sun. I am transformed.” Repeat the visualization with what lies to the West of you. Transformation is a difficult visualization for me. West is where the sun sets. It is also the direction of my home – the land where I was born – California. We have been in such a transformative time over the past 10 years. It is at this time that i embrace that trasformation.

4. NORTH – White – Land of the Winds of Change – “I am enlightened.”

Turn 90-degrees and face North. Repeat the keywords, “I honor the North, the Land of the Winds of Change. I am enlightened.” The North is regarded as the direction of Spirit, the place from which we are enlightened to wisdom. I imagine being buffeted by the white winds of change rushing down from Canada. It is cold and refreshing. And I feel myself filled as a pillar of white light.

This step completes the first circuit of the sphere of the Medicine Wheel of Protection.

5. ABOVE – Father Sky – Galactic Center – God (The Originator, in the Gnostic texts)

Turn your head above, raise your arms to the sky, and honor the stars, the Galactic Center, and the heavens. I generally completely turn in a circle, continuing right until I face the west again. I feel the energy as a vortex from above – spinning blue sky. Repeat “I honor Father Sky…” Honor what you feel comfortable with – God, Galactic Center, etc.

6. BELOW – Mother Earth – Gaia Sophia

Bow your head and bring your arms down to your sides. Honor Mother Earth/Gaia Sophia. Feel her green energy move up from your feet and up through your body to your heart. I imagine the energy pulling from the center of the earth – connecting me.  Sophia’s energy resides in our hearts. Repeat “I honor Gaia Sophia…” Honor what you feel comfortable with – Mother Nature, Mary, etc.


Bring your arms to heart center and open them in an expanse as if you were hugging the world. This is the step where we place ourselves into the sphere of the Medicine Wheel – radiating purple energy from within. We place ourselves in the Wheel, ready to play our part in the dream. The Medicine Wheel of Protection is now in place.


Each can implement the wheel as it fits into your life. For me, it is a morning ritual. But I also will invoke it while outside – barefoot in the grass if possible.

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DADA 101 – Basic Defenses

How Do You Defend Physically Yourself?

This is the opening question to ask yourself in considering your personal Defense Against the Dark Arts. What kinds of things do you do to defend yourself.

Get a piece of paper and write down all of the things that you might be doing for defense.

This is the beginning of the practical portion of this class. There is much to learn. But there is even more that we need to apply to our own lives. And one place it to begin at the beginning.

Ask yourself what ways you defend yourself.

Locks and Doors – We all live somewhere. And in this abode or home, we have doors. Doors close. Doors lock. Sometimes we barricade them against the outside. Then there are windows, with locks and curtains and shades. And if you are still worried, there are endless levels of security systems you can add to your line of defense.

Much of what you may do is dependent on your own circumstances. If you live in a walk up apartment in New York City, you might want multiple locks with a safe or two for valuables. You might want weapons and whatnot. On the other hand, if you live in the suburbs in a locked and gated community, the level of personal protection may be different. As it would be if you live in a farmhouse in Iowa or a shack on a desert island.

Everyone’s circumstances are different as are everyone’s need for personal security. Often times, the choice of where to live takes into account your personal need for protection.

And can you personally defend yourself? Have you ever been in a fight? Can you throw a punch? Have you taken a kickboxing class or Karate? If you are unable to defend yourself, people may consider weapons – whether it’s a baseball bat or a shotgun, it depends on how much personal protection you feel you need.

Wall Tile Art by Keith Haring

Putting Up Walls

With so many outside forces baring down on us, it is up to us to find lines of defense to protect ourselves.

Walls are pretty big in the news these days with all the talk about them along the Southern Border of the United States. Our country defends itself with so many walls. Most of them legal. Our laws are in place to protect us. Are we being protected from each other or from the government. That’s a big question to ask. In the end. When our laws are not working, physical barriers must be in place to assure that all are protects.

Often this is the same with our personal lives. Are you comfortable going to sleep at night with the front door unlocked?

Is it any shock that there is such a big controversy in the United States about the status of its Southern Border. And the focus is on a wall. My personal feeling is in favor of having completely open borders. We are the land of opportunity – the last frontier.

However, while we are the land of opportunity, we have also become the land of giveaways. Thanks to the New Deal back during the Great Depression, we have endless entitlements and government programs. Not to debate the value of these programs, but they all come at a cost – and they are paid through taxation of all of us here.

Add to this the very real threats we face from terrorism. We need to have some system in place that might identify threats that may come across the border. How this system works is up to the politicians – none of whom agree.  Until that time, the first line of defense is a barrier.

What About Security in the Wizarding World?

As you progress through the Harry Potter Series, you are slowly more and more aware of the security measures put in place for the magical protection of the students. You see measures of protection in the first two books (Guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone and then protecting the students against the threats contained in the chamber of secrets. In Prisoner of Azkaban, Dementors were used to guard Hogwarts. It is also in Prisoner that we begin to learn about protective spells. Chief among these is the Patronus Charm.

In Order of the Phoenix, we find out about protective charms to hide things (like 12 Grimmauld Place – Unplottable on a Map, protected by a Fidelius Charm). And also protection such as Occlumency, the counter spell to the offensive Legilimency. And in the Deathly Hallows, there is constant talk about protective charms cast over all of their many hiding spots.

It speaks of the need for personal protection and the lengths that you must go to protect yourself against outside attacks.

And while we may not be facing magical incantations (we hope)It still speaks to the level of alertedness we must keep. It also suggests that there are many forms of attack that we may want to consider defending against.

Not all Attacks (or Barriers) are Physical

In addition to physical protection, there is also the question of protecting your mind and spirit against other forms of attack. Consider simple electric or cyber threats. Do you worry about effect of 5G (or even every other cell or wifi service). How many people had smart meters installed at their homes? Do you fall asleep with your cell phone next to you? We are being bombarded constantly electromagnetic fields constantly.

And then what about gravitational forces? We are in Mercury Retrograde now. The Full Moon will hit next Tuesday. And anyone who wants to question these aspects I would ask to go visit your local Emergency Room and then report back to us your experiences.

Which brings us to the question of other outside influences and what lines of defense we may need for our protection.

A Case for a Good Defense

It is here that all the learnings of science kind of leave us. And a starting point for why we are looking at a Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Anyone who has followed Astrogardens over the past year and a half knows that I like to play in the prepper universe. Personal protection and preparedness are important. But the kinds of Defense taught in DADA are not the same.

The types of defense, and the threats that you may be defensing against, far exceed the scope of this article. This is more of a “lets get ready” article.

Next we will begin to explore personal protection and what you may need to do to prepare yourself daily to face the world.





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DADA – Must Read List – Fiction


I am compiling this list of essential fiction books that people should read. These books are important in the opening one’s eyes to the world as it is (or may be) around us. Call it getting ready for the Red Pill. I will be doing a similar “movies” list later, as there are many eye opening movies that we should pay attention to. I may also do a non fiction list as well.

But my purpose also is to prepare you for future commentary. This is NOT a complete list by any means. It is just what has come up off the top of may head and will serve as a starting point for a lot of what I will be talking about.

Note that I am including pictures because they are fun! Most are the covers from the original books I read. I could get into the whole idea of reading old books, their smells, first editions and all that. But I will not bore you for now. Suffice it to say that I prefer real bound paper books to ebooks.

At the beginning of most college classes, you get a book list. This is usually enough to make you groan as you try to count the money in your bank account to see if you can afford the hundreds of dollars to pay for them all.

This will be a little less onerous than that. Most of these books are old and can be found used on Amazon for a song. Or, even better you may already have them.

Harry Potter Series – J. K. Rowlings

Book 1: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Book 2: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Book 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Book 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Book 7: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

For the Purposes of Defense Against the Dark Arts, it helps to start at the beginning.

I LOVE YA (Young Adult) novels. My reason is simple. As a writer, it helps to read books that are “easy to read”. And with YA, you have easy plot lines and relatively simple sentence structure. For me, reading YA helps develop a rhythm for writing. And when the stories are fun, all the better.  The Harry Potter series ascends to the top of many positive categories in so many ways.

For Our purposes, I plan to focus on a lot of subjects that come up in the books and the movies. And while it is not completely necessary to have read the books or watched the movies to understand what i will be talking about. It will be fun if you have and you understand a little bit about the characters.

NOTE: I have read the HP series about 5 times and I have no idea how many times I have seen each movie.

Lord of the Rings – J.R.R. Tolkien

I have read the Lord of the Rings series 16 times (The Hobbit only about 10 times and The Silmarillion twice). While not as easy to read as YA Harry Potter, Tolkien has a relatively easy writing style that flows well (with the exception of the Silmarillion which is damn near unreadable).

LOTR makes my list because . . . its my favorite. I read it and reread it because it is like an old friend or a favorite vacation spot that I like to revisit. My wife about goes nuts because I reread books. And LOTR is at the top of her list of the books that make her shake her head (Note she has never read any of them).

As for advancing the cause of our enlightenment, it does not have a lot to offer. Other than showing the battle between good and evil. And about power and magic. This is an important theme that I will explore later. And the characters in LOTR definitely must face it. Much can be learned from their stories.

Dune – Frank Herbert

Soon after I first discovered Laura Walker’s Oracle Report, I downloaded her Eris book to read. It begins with the following quote:

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

It is the Bene Gesserit litany against fear. Reading it in Eris, I knew I was in the right place. Dune, like Harry Potter, offers a world of depth for discussion. I will come back to it a lot.

Avoid the Stanley Kubrick movie with this name AT ALL COSTS. Painful! The SciFi Channel did a passable 2 part mini series.

1984 – George Orwell

“1984 was a warning not an Instruction manual.” This quote has made its way all over social media in the last few years. And why not. Therre have been many political novels in the past 75 years that have touched on the subjects that 1984 nailed. Animal Farm by Orwell , Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Brave New World by Huxley to name a few. All of them explore a distopian future where Government takes control of everything.

Most people don’t appreciate freedom of expression and thought. We have grown up with that luxury. But guess what — most of the world hasn’t. If you have not read it, please buy “1984” (it’s a great book), and learn what the threat of a superstate, where power is solely consolidated in the federal level, really does to people.

PS There is NO GOOD MOVIE VERSION. Do not even try.


Childhood’s End – Arthur C. Clark

Arthur C Clark was best known for 2001 A Space Odyssey. But he was an amazingly prolific SciFi writer. And in my book, Childhood’s End may have been his masterpiece.

For the purposes of this list, the reason is that he touches on a number of very important theme’s that are relevant to all of us. What (or who) else is out there (in space that is). We have made huge strides in science. But where we have not figured (think space travel, knowledge of the universe, evolution, knowledge of life outside our galaxy), we are blind.

Fiction, when it is good fiction, works because the author can tell a story. When you label it fantasy or science fiction or horror. All you are doing is adding a backdrop. The good writers can make any backdrop work because they can tell a good story.  This is a good one.

A TV version of “Part 1” of Childhood’s End was created. Gave me chills. But they took wierd liberties and I did not finish it.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

The Hitchhiker’s Guide is only consequently Science Fiction. It is better described as either Humor or Satire.  Science and space travel are just the backdrop. Douglas Adams is able to skewer just about everyone.

It started as a radio script in the late 1970’s and progressed into a series of novels (7 in all) that that are gems to anyone who has ever been interested in speculative fiction. The Amazon description pretty much says it all:

Seconds before Earth is demolished to make way for a galactic freeway, Arthur Dent is plucked off the planet by his friend Ford Prefect, a researcher for the revised edition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy who, for the last fifteen years, has been posing as an out-of-work actor.

As for my list, in 1979, Douglas Adams single handedly predicted the internet and Wikipedia.  Genius.

Avoid the Movie Versions. Does not do the books justice.

Snooze – Sol Luckman

For people who follow me, I had started a chapter by chapter reading of the book Snooze. I was having a great time of it until some personal tragedy struck. We lost a child we were in the process of adopting. And for anyone who has lost a child, you may understand the devastation. I cannot apologize enough to those who were following it. But I became kind of lost for a couple months afterward.

As for Snooze, it is brilliant. YA – easy to read. And chock full of inter dimensional fun.  Oh. And Bigfoot too.

Dan Brown’s Books

This is somewhat of a punt. But I have to mention him because he has approached so many interesting subjects and put them out there. He writes with the pace of a James Bond movie and manages to deeply uncover amazing topics.

There is not a single Dan Brown book that has not caused me to research and read at least 1 book more. He fictionalizes things. But adds so much “fact” that you have to look further. His first major hit novel, The DiVinci Code, opens the can of worms of The Sacred Feminine – exposing The Catholic Church, The Masons and pretty much every version of history we have been taught.

Angels & Demons – The Catholic Church, Antimatter
The Da Vinci Code – The Sacred Feminine, The Catholic Church, Secret Societies, The foundation of Christianity
The Lost Symbol – The Masons
Inferno – Renaissance Art and Bio terrorism
Origin – No idea. I have to read this one
Digital Fortress – Big Technology – Makes what Snowden taught us seem tame
Deception Point – Extra Terrestrial Life

Honorable Mention Dystopian Fiction

I do not have a lot to say about them now, but I have to recommend The Hunger Games books and the Divergent series. Both are written in YA fashion (easy to read, but I might think twice about allowing my twelve year old to read them).  They present a frightening future. Frightening because of what they envision in an alternate future. And how it affects the people.

Consider yourself as a person from the 1890’s transported to today. How would you react to all the technology? Racial Integration? Female equality? Homosexuality? These books imagine a future. What do you think about what we become?

Not for the Feint of Heart

I am adding a couple books that I highly recommend. But I must warn anyone considering them that they are complicated and long.

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

What happens when the productive people in society become so sick of the people who expect to live off of their success, decide to quit. Leave.

Ayn Rand is HATED by the institutional left. She is an ardent Capitalist/Libertarian. Having emigrated from Communist Russia, she has very strong views about the pitfalls of Socialism, Communism and Totalitarianism.




Foucault’s Pendulum – Umberto Eco

This is a brilliant book. It explores secret societies, like the Catholic Church, the Rosicrucians, The Kabbalah.

By the end, you cannot help but be looking over your shoulder at all times, wondering whether One of them is coming to get you.

It is difficult for multiple reasons. Unberto Eco is Italian and his translator has some trouble slogging through some of the complications of the Italian language (particularly its over formality and strong gender bias). But if you can make it through, it is well worth it.


Now this is just a few books that I had to mention and recommend. I plan to talk about them at different times throughout the DADA process.


If you would like to add to this list, please add your suggestions in the comments. BUT! Do not just give me titles. If you like the book, please share why. Tell us a little bit about it and WHY IT IS IMPORTANT.



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Modern Day Mystery School – Rules of Engagement

Now we have piqued your interest with the idea of learning a little bit more about the mysterious world around us, I would like to take a few moments to say a little more about what this is  (AND what it isn’t). This may tell you whether you are interested in continuing. I hope we can keep your interest.


A Mystery School –

Know Yourself. Know the Universe.

There are many races in the galaxy, but how many have the opportunity to be expressing their souls in collaboration with a planet that is the physical embodiment of the very consciousness that designed them?

I start from the point of view advanced by the gnostics and the hermetics of “KNOW THYSELF, KNOW THE UNIVERSE.” Much of our future discussions will be about thoughts and ideas that have slipped by the wayside of modern education. Under the filter of fiction (like the Harry Potter series and other fascinating works), many of these subjects can be revealed, remembered and opened up for discussion.

Gnostic-Style –

The Mystery schools were developed to help those who were ready to understand the mysteries. Often, the messages were hidden in symbols that would be revealed to initiates of the school. And these symbols and secrets are all around us. Sometimes we recognize them and engage. Other times you know something is being said but are at a loss as to what. And still others most people notice nothing at all.

Who is spreading the secrets? What are they trying to accomplish? All questions we want answered and many of them that either do not have answers or the answers just create more questions. Someone is keeping a secret and it is likely they do not want you or I to know.

Fanfic? Book Reviews?

I am starting this with the theme of Harry Potter. It named the series. I will be taking a lot of examples from Harry Potter as well. But it is not Harry Potter Fanfic (fanatic fiction). This disclaimer is mostly to let J.K. Rowling know that she need not worry that I might be trying to take over for her.
This is also not intended as a book review site. I will not being taking each book title by title to discuss it.
I am using many themes from the Harry Potter books (and other books) to bring up points and subjects. But let’s face it. When we apply it to ourselves and our lives, its not likely that anyone will be able to whip out their wands to solve anything.

It’s Also About Defense

Knowledge is power. Just knowing about a lot of things that are going on behind the scenes (secretly) is part of the game. But there are also many ways we can help ourselves be ready to face these outside influences.
Consider astrology and planetary alignments. Today, Mercury went Retrograde. There was a New Moon last Tuesday. There are crazy and insane planetary alignments happening that will have an effect on us.
There will also be practical advice for defense against outside forces. Defense you may ask? Sure. Have you considered meditation? Grounding? A specific diet? We are going there!

Contributions (from other authors and people) Are Welcome

I will not be doing this alone. And in fact I openly welcome guest writers and contributors. I want this to be an open forum where we can all think about and discuss topics of interest. If you have a subject you can tell us about, please send me a message or on Facebook or the Comments here.


If you are here reading this, you fond my page. You may even be on my email list now. IF NOT, THEN SING UP NOW. I will not be spamming you or selling anything like trips to the Bahamas or Ray Bans.
I may suggest  things (books, courses, supplements – I use Apple Cider Vinegar like its going out of style). But all will be things for you to consider in your own life.

Politics? Not really. 

Crazy things are happening on the global political fronts. We will sometimes mention them when they are relevant to discussions about other things. BUT THIS WILL NOT BE US ELECTION CENTRAL.
FULL DISCLOSURE – I am politically Libertarian. I am against government involvement in our lives. And I actively speak out against political figures and movements that intrude.
That’s about it for the intro to class. I look forward to writing more for you.
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DADA 101 – Defense Against the Dark Arts

by Andrew Foss

It Started with Astrology

Through Oracle Report we have been reporting about the affects of astrology on our daily lives. This primarily includes planetary geometry as well as a faithful following of the lunar cycles and the Sabian Symbols for each degree of the zodiac. In so doing, we have touched upon so many features that can affect us all in the course of time.

I personally like the analogy of surfing to tell the story about the affects of Astrology. You paddle out to surf in the ocean, and you are facing many different aspects. There are tides, and swells, currents and water temperatures. Consider also wind or rain or even animals or plants that may be in the water with you. And then also remember that you can choose a different beach.

Each of these can affect your ability to surf the wave. They can be the difference between washed out dregs, and amazing ride, or getting drilled by shore break. Your knowledge of the elements and how to face them can make the difference.

The analogy works so well because it is the same with the aspects studied in astrology. It is so much more than your daily horoscope or modelling your personality around your birth sign. The aspects work like the tides – subtly influencing your life and the world around you. You can sped a lifetime paying attention to the aspects and still learn more every day.

My own personal journey with astrology began after talking with a friend of mine about Mercury Retrograde. Up until about 2010, though I knew about planetary retrogrades from an Astronomy class I took in college, I was unaware of the potential affects.hearing about issues with communications, travel and specifically contracts hit home with me pretty hard. At the time I had been on a pretty intense job search. I was getting through a Retrograde where I have a lot of very promising job potentials which magically fell apart during the Retrograde.

Though I could not say that it was definitely caused by Mercury Retrograde at the time, I thought it was very interesting. And watching over the next couple years where similar things would occur made me really pay attention to these times. For me, paying attention has been the difference.

Consider What Else Might be Out There

While astrology is the cornerstone of our work, there are many things out there that we have touched upon that go beyond the realm of astrological aspects.

Some of it is other people. Powerful people. Rich people. Secret societies. These are examples of people who have learned about secrets. About energies. And through their understanding of Astrology have taken advantage ofthe energies to further their own plans.

But it may not just be people. What other realms are out there that we are not able to perceive? Is it spiritual? Dimensional? We have talks at length about Archontic energies. How might this affect us.

Where in the Woo Woo?

This introduction is not meant to go deeply into any of these topics (just a little intro) But it offers a glimpse of things that may be out there. And then ask you how far down the rabbit hole you might like to come with me.

We have been considering creating a sort of master class of individuals who are interested in finding out more about the world around us – especially the part of the world around us we have been trained not to look at. Call them the dark corners and crevices.

The Mainstream has done its level best to hide them and distract from them. All the while they are often hoarding and coveting this information for themselves.

Despite their best efforts, some of it has gotten out. I hope to shed some light on it. Open people’s eyes and then open some doors as well.

It’s a Mystery – Like a School

What does it take to join? Very little for now. Just the willingness to read and a request that you share your own experiences when asked.

I will be starting this trek under the filter of Harry Potter. I love the Harry Potter series for many reasons. For most, it is just a fictional story about a boy who just happens to be a wizard. Whether intentionally or not, the stories then reveal so much more that a cute little story about good vs evil.

There are secrets in his world. Monstrous secrets. Some of them amazing. Some of them sinister. Other’s seemingly benign.

We will range all over. Often returning to Hogwarts. Sometimes visiting other starry realms, but usually relating them right back here to our own lives here in Gaia’s garden.