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Tuesday May 8, 2018 – Garden Update

Tuesday May 8, 2018

Third Quarter Moon Phase:  revise, realign

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces 11:11 pm ET/3:11 am UT

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “through imagination a lost opportunity is regained”

Emissaries of the Aeon Sophia: Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind) and Shodashi (She Who Aligns With The Highest and Best)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete: Ian (He of the East)

Third Quarter Moon phase, the time of the lunar month when we take stock of what developed and any feedback or messages during Disseminating Moon phase and then assess what needs to be revised and realigned.  This is all in service to the intentions, ideas, hopes, wishes, or dreams that were “seeded” during the New Moon phase.  We are working on making things better.  It’s like fertilizing and watering seeds so they have their best chance to make their way to the surface and sprout.  This is conscious co-creation with the force of Life.

Up until the end of April we were still seeing frost. At that time, i decided to plant seeds under our front porch to prepare for after I prepare the garden beds.  As you can see, I am getting excited with the progress of my seedlings:


Early root veggis – like broccoli, cauliflower, beets and carrots. Onions are in the green container


These are the herbs – sage, basil, oregano and the like
Zucchini, Cucumbers and Tomatos


















The only thing I am waiting for is to rent myself a rototiller and turn the soil. There is way too much to do by hand (and foot and shoulder). It shouldn’t take more that a couple hours to turn it all over and get it ready to plant.

Astrologically, the Biodynamic Calendar that I am following suggests transplanting to begin around the 19th. So I should be fine. I will talk more about the  Biodynamics Calendar later. Like the farmer’s almanac, it offers a wealth of information about planting times and astrological aspects to pay attention to during the planting cycle.


While I am at it, I just saw another article about some of my favorite (haha) weedkillers.

Much can be said about these toxic chemicals. But of the many reasons for taking my gardening into my own hands, it is to be able to have fresh food that i know is not polluted by these chemicals. Monsanto’s “Roundup” chemical name Glyphosate is the main evildoer that I am aware of. I could talk for days about this chemical and its effect on the environment, the plants, the insects (bees and Butterflies) that are truly killing ans destroying our environment. As if the lessons learned by DDT were not enough, our government is allowing it to happen again.

It reminds me of stories about the Dust Bowl during the 1930’s. There were a combination of causes for this tragedy. It is funny that the environmentalist/globalists forget about it and they have allowed the terror of Glyphosate to devastate us today.

The most obvious was a shift in the regional climate in the Midwest and Southern Great Plains. There was a drought.  The entire region had been over farmed, and the design of the farms did not lend itself to soil preservation. They should have been planting protective tree barriers. So drought plus winds created dust storms. All living crops were often destroyed by the wind and dust – as well as pests. Livestock died from the devastation to their food sources. Images about farmers having to move (The Okies from John Steinbeck’s novel the Grapes of Wrath) are a mainstay of any Great Depression history book. In the end, the drought ended in about 1939, but left the breadbasket of America a changed place.

A very big part of the Victory Garden movement was a result of this devastation. People still needed food. And much of our farmland was not effective.

Today, our problems are also man made – Glyphosate and other weed and pest killers are poisoning our food sources. And the long term effects are much more onerous. The plan created by Monsanto with Glyphosate is that, after introducing the product, they began selling genetically modified crop seeds that would make the plants impervious to the chemicals. Once they add in neutering the seeds (so that farmer’s would have to always buy new seeds each year rather than planting seed crops). Monsanto can get them both ways. They have to buy the chemicals and all their seeds. They created a monopoly for so many aspects of the Corporate farms. And they did it with congressional approval.

Luckily, countries around the world have seen the potential devastation and have put a stop to most GMO seeds. But among the casualties in the US include the Monarch Butterfly  and Honey bees. You can say what you want about the butterflies, but the loss of the bees would and could be catastrophic, as plants will lost the ability to be fertilized without the bees.

The Zombie Apocalypse could come from so many different sources (war, disease, starvation). This is but one example. My own little garden will not solve the problem. I just hope it helps tell others about the problems.

P.S. As I was posting this report, I came across another article worth looking into about GMO seeds and Monsanto:


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Mad Max is a Textbook to The Zombie Apocalypse

Anyone wanting a clearer understanding of what life could be like during the zombie apocalypse would do well to study the Mad Max movies.They were a funny set of movies that evolved over their 36 year run. And if Mad Max Fury Road in 2015 shows anything, it is that this franchise still has much to say (or is that much to sell?). But the bigger point is that from the beginning, the movies show what happens when things fall apart. When law and order and society descend into a post apocalypse existence.

So, studying aspects of this descent I believe is a healthy way to draw the example about why we should be paying attention to things now. If and when things start to fall apart, where will we be? Is there anything that will prepare us for that world? Will we make it?

Mad Max 1

I remember watching the original Mad Max on TV. It was back in the late seventies or early eighties. The movie came out in 1979. You could say we waited for it to come out on cable, but in LA, no one really had that. We had ON Subscription Television. They came out and put a special antennae on our roof. Then at night, starting around 5 or so, they would broadcast 3-5 movies over the course of the evening.

It was a way of selling in home movies before the world of video stores (or even VCR’s which did not exist up til then). I believe other areas of the country had cable. That did not come to LA for a few years. But ONTV was high tech for its time. You had a little box (Actually it was huge – about the size of two VCR’s taped together). And it had 1 control knob – that was off or ON. When it was off, you could see the scrambled version of the movie – without sound. And when we hadn’t paid the bill (or when we wanted to watch R movies or the late night soft core porn without Mom and Dad finding out) you could kind of see it.

I credit ONTV with introducing me to some of the finest film that Hollywood had to offer and we never went to the theaters to see. That being said, they also had a good amount of the stinkers that no one should waste their valuable time watching.

As I recall, Mad Max was one of those movies that you could not tell whether it was a good one or a bad one. It was low budget. Lots of brutal death and killing. Many long car chase scenes – often ending with blood and guts. And of course, Mel Gibson wearing leather and carrying guns. What could it possibly mean and what value could it bring? Just ask the people who put together the Fast and The Furious franchise. Both groups have made bazillions from the formula.

Key Points about Mad Max 1

So if it was so bad, why am I talking about it and how did it grow to be a billion dollar franchise and career-maker for Mel Gibson?

  1. Dystopia. – Having watched this film multiple times, I never considered it dystopian (what I would have called Sci fi at the time. I had seen Death Wish with Charles Bronson and most of the Dirty Harry films. So seeing cops and robbers indiscriminately kill each other without the whole world come crashing down was run of the mill. Yes it was in Australia. Yes it was in the desert and out in the middle of no where. But hell, I was from the Southern California desert. It could happen. But after it had been out for a while and Hollywood wanted to explain why people dug this movie, they had to make up a story. It also helped to make sense of the movies that were to come.
  2. Breakdown of Law and Order – What happens to the world when Law and Order lose their effectiveness. If there is anything dystopian about this movie, it is not being able to figure what’s going on between the cops and the politicians. When I saw it at the early age of about 12, I just figured that it was like the cops in the Movie The Gauntlet. If anything, I thought it was a problem with the government in Australia. And since they were way out in the desert, no one in the big city cared. They were on their own. In the course of the movie, the sociopathic, murderous biker gang members were just the bad guys – who just wouldn’t go away or die. They kept getting worse and worse. And the cops could not stop them. The movie becomes like The Thing or Alien, where you have a group of trapped people facing an evil force out to kill them. In the end, the only way for Max – the police – to win was to collapse all thought of following the law. It is win at all cost.
  3. Peanut Butter and Honey is disgusting – At least the Australians did not choose Vegemite as a snack. That would be totally gross. But when Max told his wife he was eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich, I just about wretched.
  4. The 70’s Hollywood Ending – If anything helped to bring this movie to Dystopia, it would be the ending. He leaves the main bad guy chained to a car that is about to explode. “The chain in those handcuffs is high-tensile steel. It’d take you ten minutes to hack through it with this. Now, if you’re lucky, you can hack through your ankle in five minutes. Go!” He drives off into the desert and you see the car explode in the background.  No idea what happens next. Its a very 70’s ending.

It was the beginning of a series. At the time, I doubt any of them had an idea about where the franchise would go.


Why do I focus on these movies? I will first say that part 2 will take this discussion to a new level. But at this point, the idea of being left on your own with no chance of safety and protection is what its about. You see Max’s family slaughtered. This could potentially happen at any time now. But in the case of societal breakdown, the potential for this is much greater. Where will we go? What will we do? Will it change us? Will we lose our own humanity.

Also, how should we being living our lives now in order to protect ourselves from this kind of future. I am not going to lie. Much of the point of Astrogardens is to remind people about this. And to consider what you might want to be doing to prepare for it.

Whether it is learning how to grow your own food. How to start a fire – with or without matches. Gut a fish. Preparing and canning fruits and vegetables? We will explore some of these.

Next, explore how the Road Warrior takes societal breakdown to the next level.

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Waking Up

I often see funny, interesting and thought provoking meme’s on Facebook worthy of sharing and further discussion. This is one such meme as it speaks to many of the issues that we face today – and more importantly the issues that have brought me to writing this blog.

The so called life in 2018 that is now being foisted upon us is wrought with control issues.  And denying that there are influencers out there seeking to control every aspect of our lives only places you firmly in the pack of the average. You buy into it, you are in the Matrix. You wake up. You live your life (the life you are led into).  You live, You die. You leave no footprint.

So I am on a search each day to find these little wake up calls. A reminder that you have free will. you can control your own life and your own destiny. You can break free of the Matrix.

Each day requires a step forward.

As an example of “Waking Up” I will share an article that caught my eye. It was shared on Drudgereport. Note here. Many people when they see the word “Drudgereport” immediately put their guard up as the Lamestream has labeled it as Right Wing.  If you are unaware of Drudge, it is an article sharing site. All they do is find news from other sources and share the headlines. This particular article was published by “The Eagle,” a daily newspaper from someplace I am assuming is Texas (from an “aggiesnation” link that was on the page). It was shared by them from a writer at the Sun Sentinal – a Broward County Florida Newspaper.

Yellow Fever Threatens . . .

Feel free to read it if you like. But the main takeaways I immediately saw were (and I will write these as bullets):

  • Yellow Fever Scare
  • Spread by mosquitos
  • Similar to the Zika Virus scare from 2016
  • People in South Florida need to “Protect themselves from disease carrying mosquitos”
  • Yellow Fever is deadly
  • The CDC is involved
  • Lions and Tigers and bears, Oh My!

I bring this up because the Zika scare was one of the MOST hyped up bunch of bologna I recall in a long time. I think it is best explained by referencing another meme I saw on facebook around this time (pictured left).

At the time of this scare, I was hyper sensitive toward the push of the CDC and the medical establishment. As the stories about it are rolling out, the scripted commentary about it were just too weird. My Bullshit antenna was jerking so hard that my neck was hurting. You read stories in the first week about the possibilities of a tie in to pesticides being tested in Brazil. Then there was an avalanche of information from the CDC denying this and, lo and behold, the stories about pesticides disappeared. Vaccines were mass produced and sent all over the US South. There were NO cases reported in the US.

The hype was that the Zika virus was causing Birth Defects in unborn children. Probably the most telling point about Zika being a complete hoax was when I was in a Child Protective Services Office in Pottstown, PA. I point this out because Pottstown is not a big place – and the office is a satellite of the Montgomery County office. On a shelf, prominently displayed, was a jar filled with condoms offered to young mothers who happened to be in the office with a warning the Zika was also a sexually transmitted disease.

I soon considered it a somewhat hilarious game to listen to news anchors covering Zika related stories a) because hearing them say Zika with “shock and alarm” serious voice was just funny, and b) the outlandish press release stories that they were a study in badly written propaganda.

I bring all of this up and suggest there is a homework assignment. Be on the lookout for “Yellow Fever Scare” stories in the news. If you see them, please share them here.


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Happy Monday! – May 7, 2018

Happy Monday! Today is your day to dance lightly with life, sing wild songs of adventure, soar your spirit, unfurl your joy. -JL Hute

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, demonstrate, teach

Moon in Aquarius

Sun: 17 Taurus – “A symbolic battle of swords and torches”

Earth: 17 Scorpio – “ a woman filled with her own spirit is the father of her own child ”

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian (He of the East)

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The Zuckerberg Effect – Steps Toward the Zombie Apocalypse

The Zuckerberg Effect

You have heard of the Mandela Effect – where something you remember one way you find that now it is completely different. It is so named as it was thought that Nelson Mandela had died, only to find that he was alive and well.

In the age of a Bigger Brother Facebook, a new phenomenon is happening:


This is where things show up on Facebook and then mysteriously disappear. In the case of these instances, they were articles about controversial subjects. So in my case, I GOT ZUCKED!

Given that in the last week MARK himself sat in front of congress and testified about the abilities of his company to manipulate data. AND that their plans are to continue to manipulate News and information on Facebook to favor “TRUSTED” news sources. For some reason, this feels like China. A platform that at least used to feel like a free speech and expression place is now proved to be otherwise.

What Kinds of Information are we looking for (But Maybe not Finding)?

Here is where the rubber meets the road. What is being censored from our world? What information is out there that the Mainstream Media (MSM or LSM – Lamestream Media if you want to be edgy) is trying to keep from us? I am starting a list here, and will find a more public space to invite people to be a part of and add to.

Vaccinations (anything about them, but mostly for me about their ties to causing autism)

Natural Cures


The Rothchilds – and other Global Elites

911 was planned from Within

All Other False Flag Events


War is an Industry, Not an Event

Common Core Education

Global Warming Deniers

You get the idea. These are all subjects that have been squelched, shunned, ridiculed and shoved aside by the media. And as you dig deeper and deeper into the subject, you find elements of truth. Elements that have been changed. Elements that deserve to see the light of day despite all the efforts to cover them over.

It has gotten so bad, that life feels more and more like the Truman Show. But we are all Truman.

So what’s the tie in with your garden?

As I have said from the beginning, my Astrogarden is in place as somewhat of an insurance policy. What if the world comes to an end. Or what if your community can no longer support itself? How can we become more self sufficient?

In the face of this question, our personal freedom and sovereignty is of vital importance. One of those freedoms is the freedom of Free Expression.

Please join! Invite your friends to join. If you happen to be a member of Facebook, and want to be a part of documenting the continued Free fall of free speech, please follow this link:


The Goal: Document as many instances of this as you come across or can remember. This week, it has happened to me twice.

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Beltane is the height of Spring.

It is the cross quarter festival that falls between

spring equinox and summer solstice.

So we begin to notice the days getting longer

and warmer, We also see the first sign of summer.

The Earth is in a powerful phase of growth.

Everything is bathed in green.

The focus of Beltane is the fertile land and, in

reflection, our fertile bodies. On Beltane eve,

our wild nature and sexuality are celebrated as

an act of reverence to the earth and nature.

The traditional weaving maypole dances are a

symbol for this sacred sexuality.

This short narrative is published in the Astro Moon Diary. This is a daily calendar offered by AstroCal – You can get the diary in the USA on Amazon.

For anyone looking for ways to observe Beltane, I found this article a few years ago.

Beltane Flower Customs & Rituals

by Selena Fox

Blossoms Walk – take a walk at Beltane time and look for blossoms.  Journey around your home area and/or forest, meadow, garden, park, or other place where you are likely to see flowering plants.  As you come upon a blossom, pause and appreciate its coloring, shape, fragrance, and beauty.

Flower Meditation – select a fresh flower as your focus – it can be a freshly cut flower, a living flower of a potted plant, or a flower growing outdoors.  Using your senses of sight, touch, and smell, experience the flower.  Become one with it and experience your own self in bloom.  Let this flower communion be healing, renewing, inspiring.  Give thanks to the flower.  Reflect on your experience and journal about it.

Flowers Planting – plant flowers already in bloom in your garden or in containers in your home. Select flowers suitable for the amount of light and moisture in the location where you will be planting them.  Tend them.  Meditate with them.  Learn about them.

Flower Offerings – place fresh or dried flowers at your home altar and/or other sacred places in honor of one or more forms of the Divine.  Place flowers at cemeteries in remembrance of beloved Dead.

Flower Exchange – exchange fresh flowers with others along with words of blessing.  This can be done as part of group Beltane ritual or one-to-one as an expression of friendship.

Garlanded Pillars – adorn pillars, posts, walls, thresholds and other parts of your home or other place with strands of blossoms.  Cloth crafted flower garlands can be used from year to year.

Flowers Crown – create or acquire a garland crown of flowers crafted from real or symbolic blooms.  Wear it at Beltane rites & display it on an altar or other special place when you are not wearing it.

Flowers Wreath – place a wreath of cloth or dried flowers or long-lasting fresh flowers on your front door to symbolize and welcome Springtime and the May.

May Baskets – select baskets or craft some and fill them with fresh or crafted blossoms.  Adorn your home with them – use as a centerpiece on your altar or dining table or place on your front door or porch.  Gift to those you care about.  An old custom is to gift a May basket secretly – placing by the front door on May Day morning, ringing the door bell, & disappearing before the door is answered.

Flowery Circle – place fresh cut flowers or small pots of flowers to mark the perimeter of a ceremonial Beltane circle.  This can be done in advance, or it can be done for community building and land attunement during a group ceremony.

Flower Goddess Attunement – imagine yourself in a sacred place encountering the Goddess of Flowers as May Queen.  Pay attention to what form She takes.  Envision Her presenting to you a basket of flowers of many types, shapes, and colors.  Select one as a gift from Her.  As you connect with it, pay attention to what message it has for you.  Give thanks to the May Queen Flower Goddess.  Return to waking consciousness, and then note your experiences in a journal.

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May Day! Tuesday May 1, 2018

May Day! May Day! –

All in the happy way of course. And not for the S.O.S. kind of reason. This is an interesting day, especially considering the way it has been handled in the US. On the surface (and in schools – where I learned about it in my youth) it is about flowers – and that is about it.

But what else does it have against it? 1) It is the day the Soviet Union used to (maybe they still do) parade nuclear weapons and tanks through their streets. 2) It is a pagan holiday where people have SEX and dance around naked in the parks.

Kinda made it hard to celebrate the holiday growing up in the 70’s. But it always seemed like something special that we were somehow missing out on.

So the rule for the day is, if you are able and the weather cooperates, is to get outside. Barefoot. Soak up the sun. Feel the Earth beneath your feet.


Full Moon Phase: revelations, clarity, illumination, fullness

10:12 am ET/2:21 pm UT: Saturn (retrograde) moves back to 09 Capricorn – “an angel carrying a harp”

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius 10:21 am ET/2:21 pm UT

Tzolkin:  11 Earth (the Berlin Wall came down on 11 Earth in 1989)

Sun:  12 Taurus – “a young couple walk down Main Street window shopping”

Earth: 12 Scorpio – “an official embassy ball”

Skill: focus on rebirth/renaissance of your lost opportunity

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month/Year: “through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained”




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Happy Monday! April 30, 2018

Happy Monday! Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then go and do that. Have a great week!

Full Moon Phase: clarity, illumination, inspiration

Moon in Scorpio

Sun: 11 Taurus – “a woman sprinkling flowers”

Earth: 11 Scorpio – “a drowning man being rescued”

Tzolkin: 10 Owl

Skill: know there is light at the end of every darkness; ask for help if needed

True Alignments: retreating or taking a break when necessary, spreading love/good attitude, taking action when called upon, learning, fairness, random acts of kindness

Catalysts for Change: uncompromising, demanding, loose cannons, victimology, heavy hearted, turning one’s back

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Chinnamasta (She Who Expands the Mind)

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Ian (He of the East)

One of the many intents of sharing this blog is to have a daily update. The goal of the daily update is to note special aspects that have the potential of affecting each day – and specifically how it might affect gardening.

ORACLE REPORT: At least in the short term, I will start by using the aspects from The Oracle Report. These are aspects that I have been personally tracking for years and have been paying attention to the affects.

ALMANAC: I will also report information and advice that can be gleaned from the Farmer’s Almanac . Oddly enough, there is a fair amount of crossover with Oracle Report.

LUNAR ASPECTS: While we have talked about lunar aspects within Oracle Report, I plan to do some deep diving here.

And anything else that strikes my fancy. 

We are under the energy of a Full Moon today, and have been since 8:58PM Sunday the 29th. I snapped a picture of it that I posted in my previous post about the Moon (CLICK HERE TO READ IT). Most people misunderstand the influence and meaning of a Full Moon phase.

When tracking the lunar phases, we begin when the Moon is New (which was about 2 weeks ago – April 15th). The Full Moon offers the full expression of the energy that began at the New moon. This is described by the Sabian Symbol at that degree – 27 Aries “through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained”. The New Moon users in the energy. The Full moon sees it at its complete expression. It is a time when you reach clarity about it. In my case, this speaks a lot about my garden and my blog. I have been rebuilding my garden this year. And I am now at a point where I am moving forward with it. And I feel good about it.

Also note in the diagram that we on Earth are now in between the 2 strongest forces in our solar system – The Sun and the Moon. I will talk more at length about the Full Moon. But as you see here, we are under great strains and gravitational pulls between them. This can explain a lot. Like why things get a little crazy. People get a little spun out. Accidents happen. Emergency rooms fill up.

Pay attention to how you feel and how you react during the full moon phase. It is an aspect that I consider to be fun.

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What’s a Victory Garden?

Victory Garden in the Zombie Apocalypse

When I began research on what to do with my garden this year, one of the resources that I found was about “Victory Gardens.”  So I must begin with everyone’s favorite resource for interesting (albeit potentially flawed) information, Wikipedia:

“Victory gardens, also called war gardens or food gardens for defense, were vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens planted at private residences and public parks in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany during World War I and World War II. George Washington Carver wrote an agricultural tract and promoted the idea of what he called a “Victory Garden”. They were used along with Rationing Stamps and Cards to reduce pressure on the public food supply. Besides indirectly aiding the war effort, these gardens were also considered a civil “morale booster” in that gardeners could feel empowered by their contribution of labor and rewarded by the produce grown. This made victory gardens a part of daily life on the home front.” Wikipedia – “Victory Garden”

Honestly the only things I knew about Victory gardens were from old cartoons and black and white kids shorts like The Little Rascals. And for anyone wanting a course on wartime propaganda, these are a great study.

But the idea was pretty simple. Back in the 30’s and 40’s, resources were scarce. We were dealing with  the Great Depression and world War 2. And people needed food. So why not encourage people to fend for themselves and grow a garden.

The funny thing is, the advice that was offered to people about private gardens was really pretty good. It offered ideas about crops to grow and how to keep it sustained. Let’s face it, the food you grow will not be all that you will need. But it does provide fresh vegetables and fruits that were not available.

So Why is This Relevant Today?

Right now, I believe that following this process of creating a Home Garden to be of vital importance. That’s me. And my reasons, while some might say sound like they are coming from the mind of a raving lunatic, are pretty sound.

  1. We have just come out on the other side of a long and protracted Recession – The Great Recession of 2008. – How hard was your family hit during this last recession? For us, it was significant. I lost my main job in 2010. On the one hand, this was sad. It was a pretty good job. On the other, it was a loss in income. And prospects were not good. To continue working in my field, I would have taken a significant pay cut. So I began working from home. And while the income is different, we have been able to make it work.
  2. The World (and our own Government) is not to be trusted – As an ardent civil libertarian, I am always concerned about the powers that control structures may have over our lives. “Don’t tread on Me” has as much if not more relevance today as it did back in the 1700’s. It’s not the British doing it to us. But it is the Anti Gun Lobby, the Global Warming/Climate Change movement, Monsanto, whoever is spraying Chemtrails all over the sky. The list goes on.
  3. Health – You have no idea what is being passed off as food these days – As I have noted in other articles, the level of processing and chemical contamination in our food and water sources is unbelievable. By growing things yourself, you can exercise better control of your food. What is your opinion about such things as Flouride being added to your water?

So for me, it is not so much for Victory, but rather for protection. Am I going to go so far as many preppers and begin storing long term food supplies, water filters, Alternative power sources? Not yet, but that may be next.

For now, it is transforming my yard into a positive growing environment that will produce healthy food for my family to eat. And if I can do so, while entertaining people and offering sound advice, then it is a bonus.

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What Drugs Are You On? – Pt.1

Back about 8 years ago, I heard a seminar where this question was posed. At that point, people were looking around the room to see who the guilty parties might be. It can be a controversial question, depending on the company of course. But the context was not necessarily about narcotics or recreational drugs.

The seminar was specifically a natural health and diet seminar. And the question was asking about the kinds of chemicals that we were putting in our bodies.

Prescription and Non Prescription Medications

Around this time in my life, I could identify a couple items that I was consuming on a regular basis. I was taking Advil pretty much daily for headaches and joint pain in my knees. I was taking Loratadine antihistimine daily for allergies year round as well as a rescue albuteral inhaler.

Legal Drugs

Then we were asked to take it a step further – past the pill bottles. What else were we putting in our bodies. For me, I drink alcohol socially. I used to smoke cigarettes, but quit back in 1991. This where people asked to consider also any “non prescription pharmaceuticals.” No judgements. But consider it as part of this checklist

Stimulants in our Foods

We drank a lot of soda – Diet Pepsi was our drink of choice. I always tried to stay healthy and not drink anything with sugar. But that means Aspartame and caffeine. And I drank about a pot of coffee per day. And let’s not talk about chocolate.

. . . And What Else Might Be Hiding

Take a step further in diet. What kinds of foods were we eating? Is it Fruits, vegetables and meats? Is it fresh or canned? Prepared snacks? Did we have any idea what was in the foods that we were eating? Are they organic? GMO? How much MSG in your diet? And what about your water? Do you filter it? Is your water source flouridated?

So this is the part of the post where we look forward. And today, it is homework. Let’s answer the questions everyone. What Drugs are you on? This is intended to be an honest assessment of what you are putting in your body. Include:

Prescription Meds

OTC Medications

Illicit Stuff

Legal Stuff

Dietary Chemicals

Write it out for yourself, or share it here. I will follow this up in the next few days with thoughts about my own diet and ideas on what to do about it.