Happy Monday! June 13, 2022

Happy Monday! June 13, 2022

– Gibbous Moon Phase – trust, analyze, prepare, digest, alchemy


– Retrograde Planets – Saturn

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –  June 13
Potty Train, Wean, Wash Windows, Cut Firewood, Kill Plant Pests, Dig Holes, Mow to Increase Growth, Castrate Farm Animals, Advertise to Sell, Travel for Pleasure

– Planting Calendar (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –  June 12th – 13th Poor planting days, cut hay or do general farm work.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): – Bagalamukhi (The Stabilizer, The Storm Calmer)

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Ian Achonesis– God of the East, God of Wisdom

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month – New Moon in Gemini  “an airplane performing a nose dive” (&  a theatrical representation of a golden haired “goddess of opportunity“)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “ a flock of wild geese ”

SUN – 23 GEMINI: three fledglings in a nest high in a tree

EARTH – 23 SAGITTARIUS: immigrants entering a new country

Happy Monday! Be courageous. Have Faith. Go forward.

I am trying to charge the energy from today into positive awareness. It seems that if you have the misfortune of following the lamestream news, everything is going to hell. And if you happen to live on the left hand side of the fence, you probably agree. But there is a reality around us. And the utter ridiculousness of what they are spouting has seemed to boil over.

Today, the lamestream is vommitting more about the January 6th BS. And before I turned it off, I listened to some idiot screaching about how never before in our history had such a heinous thing happened. Or was that the story about the “RIGHT WING WHITE SUPREMECISTS” who were caught and arrested before they disturbed a Pride Parade in Idaho.

I guess he was comatose during the Summer of 2020 when riots were burning down cities, secret groups were positioning pallets filled with bricks prior to protests, Antifa was filling waterbottles with urine – or freezing them. This was not one protest. This was across the country. Did the lamestream condemn any of this? Did they even acknowledge that it was happening? Where were the FBI and their shock troops arresting protesters in 2020?

Were they at all concerned that BLM and Antifa blocked off an entire section of the city of Seattle for about a month, calling it the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) or later the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). They made demands of the city (including defunding the police) that were capitulated to. And though the protest was finally broken up, the neighborhood was beseiged with violence the entire summer? And then what about Portland, Oregon? Where are they now as cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles are more like war zones with hundreds of shootings each weekend?

That was Then . . .

The protests of that summer were the springboard that helped elect the present occupant of the Executive Wing of our government. And has usherd in the ridiculousness that we see today. And the same propagandists are still pumping out reams and reams of bullshit.

The propaganda worked. The globalist left took the reins of power. They restricted the economy in ways that would please their sense of the world (Climate Change Regulations against the fossil fuel industry, threats to take firearms against the rights of the 2nd amendment, they even threatened to ban menthol cigarettes (weird but just another example of trying to control things)).

This gave us 1) Inflation, 2) +$5/gallon gasoline prices, 3) threats of raising taxes.

But I can say that for the most part, not many are listening to the Globalist Left messaging any longer. But how much more damage to our economy and our way of life will they inflict upon us while they are still in power?

The Here and Now

I could go on and on bitching about what is happening, how it was allowed to happen and what they are planning to do. I would prefer to focus more on the world as I want to see it. I do not see much hope in the world of the globalists. But if that is the case, where do we go from here?

I harken back to the aims and goals I have stated from the beginning of this blog.

Astrogardens begins in the garden – your home. It is a place you can connect with nature and prepare your home from the world around you. And this is a place where I can talk about my own adventures in my backyard – and where they lead. But more, Astrogardens is a place when I will be taking deep dives into subjects that dare to be explored. We will go down the rabbit hole to see what we may find. And we will go there with No Fear. There are enemies all around us. Their biggest defense is our ignorance.

I have been working on my garden in the past weeks and am planning its yeilds for the summer. It’s my entertainment. Unfortunately, it is not going to accomplish what I need of it . . . to provide for my family in the case the the Shit Hits the Fan. 10 tomato plants plus lettuce, zucchini and cucumbers will not get us that far.

Full Moon Fever

Tomorrow marks the Full Moon, June 14 @ 7:51 AM – also known as Flag Day here in the United States.

Astrologically, the energy is ripe for moving forward. The Cabal is gasping its last breaths. We the People must rise and protest our sovereignty.

Tomorrow, I will be making some changes – specifically starting a new maining list after the last list I had was mysteriously deleted by Mailchimp. I may offer a special gift to all who sign up (if I can get it ready in time).

I ask that you continue paying attention.


As all the utter ridiculousness has been going on in the media, I went somewhat underground to try to protect myself from being hit by the crossfire. I have been refraining from responding to morons on spcial media. And I found some fun in one of my former guilty pleasures – horror. And specifically HP Lovecraft. And frankly, I feel more comfortable in an imagined world where the Old Gods take precedence than the one we have here where utter psychos have taken over. Or is it that I feel that there may not be much difference beteween them?

Anyways, I watched the movie Dagon – which is a brilliant rendition of Lovecraft and is completely misunderstood by anyone not familiar with the genre. Also I came across a podcast called The Old Gods of Appalachia. Both well worth the time

So if you are looking for an escape more entertaining that watching the cabal og rich globalists trying to enslave us mind, body and soul, please check out some Lovercraft!