War Games – Pt 1 – Why it matters

Let’s Talk about Ukraine

It is always amusing when the news cycle on a specific Global subject comes full circle. As is the case of the merry-go-round of the Ukraine (AKA Putin’s pull toy). This very large and very valuable piece of Eastern Europe had seen quite a century. And not a whole lot of if good. Between the pograms of the Russian revolution, to Stalin murdering 4 million of its people. 60 odd years of enslavery under the Soviets. The new millennium saw “Independence” and a democracy take hold . . . only to be hijacked by Russia. Then an uprising in 2014.

Here in the West (America that is) we know just about nothing about this corner of the world. Between the Iron Curtain and the Tower of Babel, all we see it as is that large territory south of Moscow on a Map. And until the break up of the Soviet Union in the 80’s and 90’s we would have just called it Russia.

It is simply a territory on a chessboard to many of the global players. The East and the West are fighting over it to gain access to its resources. It was the breadbasket of the Soviet Union. Without it, the region would not survive. It is rich in coal, oil and natural gas.

But mostly it forms a natural barrier between Mother Russia and Europe. It is Putin’s screen from a Western Invasion.

Territory on a gameboard

Growing up, I was always pretty good at Geography. At least a little bit of that was from playing War Games. Risk, Diplomacy, Battle of the Bulge.

As seen on this Risk board, Ukraine IS what would be considered Russia. I think that was a kind of Cold War recipe to minimize and delegitimize Russia and the Soviet Union in the minds of gamers.

I have been reminded of that time in my life while watching the Global chessboard. And it is far more complex than a one-on-one game of chess. There are multiple players with widely different playing pieces. Among the games I played, Risk had 42 countries and Diplomacy 36. Given that there are 195 countries in the world today, the complexity is much more robust.

Besides, the board games are much more like Chess than real life. It is territorial acquisition and domination . . . with the chance-factor of dice rolling to make it fun. Real life means there are people involved. And no one knows who all is out there affecting the outcomes. It is all money and power.

So What Does This All Mean?

The News Media and the NATO Cabal would like us to believe that this is all about the size of Putin’s balls. That he wants to flex his muscles and get away with it. That he can show that he is the strong Russian bully and Europe are a bunch of pussies. And let’s face it. If the News media were not that, they would be writing it exactly how I just wrote it. But then they would have to admit that Brandon was sitting on the sideline shitting his pants – again. As I recall, the last time was when he was being dressed down by the Vatican.

This is one hell of a lot more than pieces on a chessboard. There are so many currents going on behind the scenes that it is more dangerous than sailing around Cape Horn in a sail boat in the Summertime. Pieces and people are in constant motion. And everyone is lying. Oh, and they have Nukes.

The formation of the Soviet Union was an anomaly still not completely understood. You take a Despotic Kingdom, a Socialist Revolution, 60 years of brutal dictatorship followed by a humiliating break-up of an empire. While the Russian Government still talks and acts as if it had the power and authority of the Soviet Union, It’s the difference between a bear and a bobcat. Both dangerous in a fight. One not quite the same as the other. But its a bobcat willing to piss on whatever part of its border it feels like in order to claim it.

And now we have Global Conflict.

For those who ask: “Why does Ukraine matter? “

I found this list on Facebook. It is as good as any to describe just what this piece of Real Estate means to the world.

This is why Ukraine matters to the globalist cabal.

It is the second largest country by area in Europe by area and has a population of over 40 million – more than Poland.

Ukraine ranks:

1st in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores;

2nd place in Europe and 10th place in the world in terms of titanium ore reserves;

2nd place in the world in terms of explored reserves of manganese ores (2.3 billion tons, or 12% of the world’s reserves);

2nd largest iron ore reserves in the world (30 billion tons);

2nd place in Europe in terms of mercury ore reserves;

3rd place in Europe (13th place in the world) in shale gas reserves (22 trillion cubic meters)

4th in the world by the total value of natural resources;

7th place in the world in coal reserves (33.9 billion tons)

Ukraine is an important agricultural country:

1st in Europe in terms of arable land area;

3rd place in the world by the area of black soil (25% of world’s volume);

1st place in the world in exports of sunflower and sunflower oil;

2nd place in the world in barley production and 4th place in barley exports;

3rd largest producer and 4th largest exporter of corn in the world;

4th largest producer of potatoes in the world;

5th largest rye producer in the world;

5th place in the world in bee production (75,000 tons);

8th place in the world in wheat exports;

9th place in the world in the production of chicken eggs;

16th place in the world in cheese exports.

Ukraine can meet the food needs of 600 million people.

Ukraine is an important industrialized country:

1st in Europe in ammonia production;

Europe’s 2nd’s and the world’s 4th largest natural gas pipeline system;

3rd largest in Europe and 8th largest in the world in terms of installed capacity of nuclear power plants;

3rd place in Europe and 11th in the world in terms of rail network length (21,700 km);

3rd place in the world (after the U.S. and France) in production of locators and locating equipment;

3rd largest iron exporter in the world

4th largest exporter of turbines for nuclear power plants in the world;

4th world’s largest manufacturer of rocket launchers;

4th place in the world in clay exports

4th place in the world in titanium exports

8th place in the world in exports of ores and concentrates;

9th place in the world in exports of defence industry products;

10th largest steel producer in the world (32.4 million tons).

Ukraine matters. That is why its independence is important to the rest of the world.

And when they stop looking at the pieces, there is also the population of 41 Million people who may just want to have a say in what is happening to them.


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