Thursday May 6, 2021

Thursday May 6, 2021

 3rd Quarter Moon Phase – realign, revise, reorient, surrender, complete

– Moon in Pisces 

– Retrograde Planets – Pluto

– Planetary Alignments – Mars-Mercury-Sun-Saturn (through Thursday 5-6)

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –  May 4th – 6th – Brew Beer, Can Fruits and Vegetables, Potty Train, Wean, Mow to Slow Growth, Castrate Farm Animals, Get Married

– Gardening tips  (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –  May 4th – 6th – Fine for vine crops. Set strawberry plants. Good days for transplanting. Favorable time for planting late root crops.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): Chinnamasta – She Who Expands the Mind

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Ian – The Wind of the East

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month – New Moon in Aries: “A Woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load” (& the chanticleer’s voice heralds the rising sun with exuberant tones)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “A Woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load”

SUN: 17 TAURUS: A symbolic battle between swords and torches

EARTH: 17 SCORPIO: A woman filled with her own spirit is the father of her own child

I am presently on a search right now. This for me is usually easy. You consider what you are searching for. Imagine how it looks. Its color. Its shape. And then using your eyes, set about to find it.

My search is not so simple. It is a musical search. It started with a question and has gone from there.

The question: Is there a specific type of music that you can listen to while you are sleeping that can help you?

Part 1

A little back story. I like to listen to music when I go to sleep. I always have. Or at least I have since I was about 12. I have trouble with voices, unless it is music I am familiar with. And I like it to play all night long so I wake up to it.

Now people can argue about specifics of this that may be better or worse. But I am talking about my preference.

When I was in college, I lived in the dorm for 2 years. I valued the sleep that I could get, and hated lying in bed tossing and turning. It was than that I discovered that I could listen to familiar music and get to sleep quickly. I played cassette tapes of my favorite bands that fit the bill. Chief among these were The Cure – 17 Seconds and Pornography and REM – Fables of the Reconstruction. They were my goto albums. And I had them so in tune with my mind that I could tell the next day about how long it took me to fall asleep.

I stayed away from Radio at night. The voices would keep me awake. The commercials would wake me up.

So the question for part 1. In your past, did you listen to music to go to sleep? What were your favorites.


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