Modern Day Mystery School – Rules of Engagement

Now we have piqued your interest with the idea of learning a little bit more about the mysterious world around us, I would like to take a few moments to say a little more about what this is  (AND what it isn’t). This may tell you whether you are interested in continuing. I hope we can keep your interest.


A Mystery School –

Know Yourself. Know the Universe.

There are many races in the galaxy, but how many have the opportunity to be expressing their souls in collaboration with a planet that is the physical embodiment of the very consciousness that designed them?

I start from the point of view advanced by the gnostics and the hermetics of “KNOW THYSELF, KNOW THE UNIVERSE.” Much of our future discussions will be about thoughts and ideas that have slipped by the wayside of modern education. Under the filter of fiction (like the Harry Potter series and other fascinating works), many of these subjects can be revealed, remembered and opened up for discussion.

Gnostic-Style –

The Mystery schools were developed to help those who were ready to understand the mysteries. Often, the messages were hidden in symbols that would be revealed to initiates of the school. And these symbols and secrets are all around us. Sometimes we recognize them and engage. Other times you know something is being said but are at a loss as to what. And still others most people notice nothing at all.

Who is spreading the secrets? What are they trying to accomplish? All questions we want answered and many of them that either do not have answers or the answers just create more questions. Someone is keeping a secret and it is likely they do not want you or I to know.

Fanfic? Book Reviews?

I am starting this with the theme of Harry Potter. It named the series. I will be taking a lot of examples from Harry Potter as well. But it is not Harry Potter Fanfic (fanatic fiction). This disclaimer is mostly to let J.K. Rowling know that she need not worry that I might be trying to take over for her.
This is also not intended as a book review site. I will not being taking each book title by title to discuss it.
I am using many themes from the Harry Potter books (and other books) to bring up points and subjects. But let’s face it. When we apply it to ourselves and our lives, its not likely that anyone will be able to whip out their wands to solve anything.

It’s Also About Defense

Knowledge is power. Just knowing about a lot of things that are going on behind the scenes (secretly) is part of the game. But there are also many ways we can help ourselves be ready to face these outside influences.
Consider astrology and planetary alignments. Today, Mercury went Retrograde. There was a New Moon last Tuesday. There are crazy and insane planetary alignments happening that will have an effect on us.
There will also be practical advice for defense against outside forces. Defense you may ask? Sure. Have you considered meditation? Grounding? A specific diet? We are going there!

Contributions (from other authors and people) Are Welcome

I will not be doing this alone. And in fact I openly welcome guest writers and contributors. I want this to be an open forum where we can all think about and discuss topics of interest. If you have a subject you can tell us about, please send me a message or on Facebook or the Comments here.


If you are here reading this, you fond my page. You may even be on my email list now. IF NOT, THEN SING UP NOW. I will not be spamming you or selling anything like trips to the Bahamas or Ray Bans.
I may suggest  things (books, courses, supplements – I use Apple Cider Vinegar like its going out of style). But all will be things for you to consider in your own life.

Politics? Not really. 

Crazy things are happening on the global political fronts. We will sometimes mention them when they are relevant to discussions about other things. BUT THIS WILL NOT BE US ELECTION CENTRAL.
FULL DISCLOSURE – I am politically Libertarian. I am against government involvement in our lives. And I actively speak out against political figures and movements that intrude.
That’s about it for the intro to class. I look forward to writing more for you.


  1. Andrew I look forward to the Mystery School in addition to what Laura teaches. There is so much out there, it’s great to be aware of as much as one can. The animals are sharing with us quite a bit and that’s been helpful.

  2. Very cool! Sign me up please, & thank you!

    1. Author

      All you have to do is fill out the form on the right hand side of the page. Updates will be emailed to you.

  3. Looking forward to it! Thanks for bringing this forward!

  4. Excited to be here! I feel this is potentially the best circle of souls I can be part of and travel down the rabbit hole….Let us begin 🙂

  5. Hey! Irma here. This will be fun! ✨✨✨✨

  6. I’ll sit in, out of blatant curiosity.

    But I will suggest that if you and the rest of the OR “owl crew” are truly interested in “the Mystery Schools” and how their legacy affects us down through history and into the present day, I’d also suggest that paying attention to Daniel Listz’s (aka Dark Journalist) year-long X-Steganography series might be in order.

    It’s real world stuff, not fiction. Includes history and material from the masters such as Casey, Steiner, Fourth Way stuff from Gurdjieff , Ouspensky, and Bennett, and many others … You dont need a paid subscription – they’re all on YT (for now, until the censorship cretins widen their scope).

    In fact, at the end of his most recent episode (before tonight’s at 8pm livestream) he does go through a list of suggested readings for Mystery School newbies.

    1. Author

      THANK YOU James for your comments and for taking part in the “class”.

      1) I screen all comments because I have been subject to major spam attacks. If I do not screen, then you will get ads for viagra, cell phones, supplements and vacations to South Africa. I installed Akismet about 3 weeks ago, and it is getting better.

      2) You improperly referred to this as “FICTION BASED”. Incorrect. I am using works of fiction for some of my posts and talking about themes brought up in fiction. I am also going to write a post with my suggestions for NON FICTION. THANK YOU for your suggestion Daniel’s work at Dark Journalist is great and I also follow him.As with everything, discernment is necessary.

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