Happy Monday! November 26, 2018

Happy Monday! Life is a Blessing. Be grateful for today – Every minute. Every Second!

I found this message and picture on a blog posted about 4 years ago. Thought it right to share it.


How often do you pause to appreciate what you have in life?

Even though most of us don’t take notice of all the blessings we have there are tens of thousands of things to be grateful for in life. We often take the things that most deserve our gratitude for granted.

If you have a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head you are already richer than 75% of world population.  If your combined household earns more than $24,600 a year you are in the top%10 of all income earners in the world.

There are countless things that deserve your gratitude, for example your eyes for letting you see the colors of life, your family for always being on your side, your friends for having your back and most importantly you should be grateful for who you are, who you have become, for being alive and living life to the fullest. So keep focused on the good in life rather than the unpleasant and start appreciating the little things.

What are you grateful for? Create your own gratitude list ?

By Habiba Diab

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