The Zuckerberg Effect – Steps Toward the Zombie Apocalypse

The Zuckerberg Effect

You have heard of the Mandela Effect – where something you remember one way you find that now it is completely different. It is so named as it was thought that Nelson Mandela had died, only to find that he was alive and well.

In the age of a Bigger Brother Facebook, a new phenomenon is happening:


This is where things show up on Facebook and then mysteriously disappear. In the case of these instances, they were articles about controversial subjects. So in my case, I GOT ZUCKED!

Given that in the last week MARK himself sat in front of congress and testified about the abilities of his company to manipulate data. AND that their plans are to continue to manipulate News and information on Facebook to favor “TRUSTED” news sources. For some reason, this feels like China. A platform that at least used to feel like a free speech and expression place is now proved to be otherwise.

What Kinds of Information are we looking for (But Maybe not Finding)?

Here is where the rubber meets the road. What is being censored from our world? What information is out there that the Mainstream Media (MSM or LSM – Lamestream Media if you want to be edgy) is trying to keep from us? I am starting a list here, and will find a more public space to invite people to be a part of and add to.

Vaccinations (anything about them, but mostly for me about their ties to causing autism)

Natural Cures


The Rothchilds – and other Global Elites

911 was planned from Within

All Other False Flag Events


War is an Industry, Not an Event

Common Core Education

Global Warming Deniers

You get the idea. These are all subjects that have been squelched, shunned, ridiculed and shoved aside by the media. And as you dig deeper and deeper into the subject, you find elements of truth. Elements that have been changed. Elements that deserve to see the light of day despite all the efforts to cover them over.

It has gotten so bad, that life feels more and more like the Truman Show. But we are all Truman.

So what’s the tie in with your garden?

As I have said from the beginning, my Astrogarden is in place as somewhat of an insurance policy. What if the world comes to an end. Or what if your community can no longer support itself? How can we become more self sufficient?

In the face of this question, our personal freedom and sovereignty is of vital importance. One of those freedoms is the freedom of Free Expression.

Please join! Invite your friends to join. If you happen to be a member of Facebook, and want to be a part of documenting the continued Free fall of free speech, please follow this link:


The Goal: Document as many instances of this as you come across or can remember. This week, it has happened to me twice.

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  1. Monsanto/Bayer poison industry and the experimenting on the population without consent……not much different than the vaccine industry.

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