Voting Rights 2022?

If you have been paying attention to the Spin Cycle over the past couple weeks (and I am not talking about your washing machine and dirty underwear, though in the end, the subject is not much better than dirty underwear), you have likely noticed the number of times “Voting Rights” has been put out there.

This narrative has been in the works for years by the Democrat party. And the reason? Because they believe that they can set voting rules that they know are beneficial to their efforts. Kinda like putting their thumb on the scale at the produce country. And kinds a like what they did in 2020 with “vote by mail” during the Coronavirus pandemic. More on that in a bit.

And now, in the 3rd week of Gregorian 2022, have you heard these specific statements in the news:

  • new voting rights protections through Congress
  • Freedom to Vote Act
  • John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act
  • protecting the right to vote,
  • It’s much more important to them to protect the voting rights of the minority on the Senate floor than to protect the voting rights of minorities in this great country of ours
  • existential threat to democracy posed by voting restrictions enacted by Republicans across the country
  • nothing less is at stake than our democracy

I pulled all of these quotes from an article in the New York Times. It was not the “worst” propaganda article I have seen. I would honestly call it par for the course.

All of these statements are emotionally charged and designed to elicit agreement with the conclusions that they will make later in the article.

As a Bonus in this article, they have a sidebox that you can click to read. It has dramatic bolding and multiple hotlinks that I did not copy here. It outlines ALL the reasons that the Democrats are focused on Federal Voting Legislation – ignoring the actual arguments against said legistation.

Understand the Battle Over U.S. Voting Rights

Why are voting rights an issue now? In 2020, as a result of the pandemic, millions embraced voting early in person or by mail, especially among Democrats. Spurred on by Donald Trump’s false claims about mail ballots in hopes of overturning the election, the G.O.P. has pursued a host of new voting restrictions.

What are Republicans trying to do? Broadly, the party is taking a two-pronged approach: imposing additional restrictions on voting (especially mail voting) and giving G.O.P.-controlled state legislatures greater control over the mechanics of casting and counting ballots.

Why are these legislative efforts important? The Republican push to tighten voting rules has fueled doubts about the integrity of the democratic process in the U.S. Many of the restrictions are likely to affect voters of color disproportionately.

How are Democrats pushing back? In Congress, Democrats have focused their efforts on two sweeping bills that protect access to voting and clarify how to count electoral votes, but Republicans in the 50-50 Senate have blocked both. President Biden endorsed changing the Senate’s filibuster rules to pass the legislation.

Which states have changed their voting laws? Nineteen states passed 34 laws restricting voting in 2021. Some of the most significant legislation was enacted in battleground states like Texas, Georgia and Florida. Republican lawmakers are planning a new wave of election laws in 2022.

Will these new laws swing elections? Maybe. Maybe not. Some laws will make voting more difficult for certain groups, cause confusion or create longer wait times at polling places. But the new restrictions could backfire on Republicans, especially in rural areas that once preferred to vote by mail.

I will go over them point by point.

Why are voting rights an issue now? – During the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats used the crisis and panic to expand voting processes that would be “safer.” These rules were changed on a provisional basis (for the pandemic), and often in unconstitutional ways (In PA, the Constitution explicitly puts responsibility for changes in the voting system under the Legislature – who are controlled by Republicans. To enact vote by mail, the PA Supreme Court changed the rules on an Emergency basis – later determined to be unconstitutional). Other states faced similar issues.

Vote By Mail – The idea makes sense to so many people. Why wouldn’t we want this. It is easy, convenient and keeps people from having to be in the same space. When I lived in California, I always voted absentee. I had to fill out a form, verify my voter status, mail it in and I would receive a ballot. It had to be returned by a specific date or it was not valid. The California voter ballot was long – many many propositions. It made sense. And then I would be able to work at the polls and get out the vote (yes I was a geek like that in college).

The problem is in how it works and how to VERIFY whether the votes that are received. And what you did not hear in the media was how many of these election rules were handed to the state authorities having been written probably years ago by the Democrat party. WHAT?

Vote my mail has been an absolute wet dream of the democrat party for years. WHY? Because it allows them to use their existing “get out the vote” infrastructure to do things they were NEVER ALLOWED TO DO in previous elections. Most notably to harvest votes.

The idea of an election is to get as many people as you can to the polls on election day to vote for your candidate. There are rules about what they can do and what they can’t do. Did you ever wonder how some people have the day off on election day? You can put a pretty good money bet that it was a result of a union contract to get it. Unions are huge in the Get Out the Vote efforts of the Democrats. The joke adage “Vote Early and Vote Often” is only kind of a joke. And the FACT that John F. Kennedy carried the state of Illinois, and thus the presidency, as a result of dead people voting is not an unfounded rumor.

So when Donald Trump brought up about fraud caused by Vote By Mail, it came from a lot of history. And results of the election pretty much showed his worst fears. And watching and listening to the media DESPERATELY trying to discredit what he said was the true smoking gun.

Tightening Voting Rules – Plain and simple. Voting rules say that only properly registered voters may cast a vote. Of course one of those requirements is American Citizenship. Therefore it should be a no brainer to require Identification in order to vote. This has always been an issue with the Democrats. Their reason is not necessarily bad. They reckon back to the 1960’s and Civil rights when this was a major issue for racial minorities.

Problem with that now is that it is 2022. You must have an ID to be a part of society. Get a job, Have a bank account. And they are basically free. Anybody without an ID pretty much should not be voting anyways.

The “Racial” argument. in 2022, no longer passes the smell test. Yet still they use it. And with the MLK “holiday” this week, they used it NONSTOP for 5 days.

Security of the Votes Cast – The major issue with Vote by mail i verifying the votes cast. All of this is part of the State based election system. And in pretty much all cases, the system is supposed to be transparent. If the “people” cannot trust the vote counters, how can an election be valid. And when the chain of custody of the votes (through mail or drop boxes) this cannot be verified.

Trump questioning verifiability during the 2020 election is a NON ISSUE. It has been the argument against voting by mail from the beginning.

The Democrats used safety from the Pandemic as justification to enact vote by mail. The “Federal Voting Rights” acts are designed to guarantee they can continue.

And the only thing that can be pointed to as proof of the questionability of this process . . .

Brandon won the 2020 election with 11 Million more votes than have EVER been cast for a winning president. Trump had about 3-4 million more. Voting my mail was a sea change in how people could engage. The Democrats knew it. And were there ready with their fingers on the scale to make it work. And they are not ready to let go of the reigns of power that they so righteously stole.

Racism – The most horrific part of this ridiculous battle is the levels that the left will sink to in order to “win.” And the worst of this are the constant charges of Racism.

A accusation of racism is a catch 22. It is one of the worst Cancel Culture slur that can be used. Because unless you come back and agree with whatever they are saying, they will double down.

And think about who all have used this ploy over the last week – ignore the past 2 months at least on this subject:

Everyone speaking for Martin Luther King Day

President Brandon

Kamala Harris

Nancy Pelosi

Chuck Schumer

EVERY congressperson on the left side of the aisle

EVERY mainstream Newscaster

Late Night Talk Show Hosts

All Comedians (who want to keep their jobs)

Leftwing Entertainment

When Race comes up in discourse, the conversation will turn to voting. When Voting comes up, it will turn to race.

The script was written years ago. Now they all simply repeat it over and over again. The Globalist zombie patrol.

On the one hand, at the Federal level, they will not win. They do not have the votes. On the other, they will be doing everything in their power over the next 10 months to do it anyways.

Pay Attention. It will only get worse.