Thursday April 2, 2020

Thursday, April 2, 2020

– First Quarter Moon Phase: Step out, Take action

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – Cut Firewood, Mow to Increase Growth, Dig Holes, Paint, Kill Plant Pests, THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT DO BECAUSE OF SOCIAL DISTANCING (but are good nonetheless) – Get Married, Entertain Friends, Host a Party, Travel for Pleasure,

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): Chinnamasta, Goddess who expands the Mind

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East, God of Wisdom

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “A Triangle with Wings”

SUN: 14 ARIES – a serpent coiling near a man and a woman

EARTH: 14 LIBRA –  in the heat of noon a man takes a siesta

Two notes: First, I was able to finally connect with Phoenix from Patriot Intel Report and recorded an interview about the upcoming energetics and Astrogardens. The interview will air this Saturday evening at 7:00 PM. Second you will see above the inclusion of a new aspect to consider for the day. It is from The Farmer’s Almanac and notes recommended things you should do on different days. These recommendations are based on the lunar calendar and compliment the energy of the day. I will be looking for more advice like this to report in the daily reports.

So, What are you doing today to Move Forward?

During the First Quarter Phase this is a fine question to ask. But not one to dwell upon, because the energy is about Action. In the Northeast, it is clear an sunny. May be time to turn some more of my garden beds. We are still waking them up.

Next week is supposed to see some frost, confirming why I have not put seeds in the ground. I am planning to plant some trays under my porch within the next week. And then lettuce in the ground by the next new moon phase. Lettuce is generally the first in the ground. It will grow well in spring, but must be covered with plastic in case of frost, which will kill young plants into the 2nd week of May.

Serpent Energy is indicated by the Sun location today. This symbol invokes a couple thoughts in me. During the Spring, Rattlesnakes come out of hibernation in the Southwest United States. And when they do, they are not in a good mood. I have first hand experience with this as we used to camp in Southern California when I was growing up. I remember being struck at by a particularly angry rattler one weekend that scared the piss out of me. Reminded me the importance of sleeping above the ground that night.

But serpent energy also speaks to awakening and rebirth. The uncoiling is a perfect meditation point for those who do so. And Spring is a time of reawakening to the world.

For this month’s dance of the big conjunction,  (Mars-Saturn and Jupiter-Pluto) Today each of these are in opposition to the moon.  Mars-Saturn Squares Uranus and Trines Venus. What does all this mean? Let’s call that homework. Look up these energetics and see what you can find.

FURTHER, compare these with your own charts. Are you particularly affected by these energies? This is where you can find out more.

Remember, the Gnostics say, “Know yourself. Know the Universe?”