Cancelled – Due to Coronavirus Hype

Thanks to the full weekend of nonstop coverage of the 2020 Coronavirus update, life has been cancelled. Fr my own memory, I want to start a list of everything that I can think of that closed.

Just a short list of what this means:

Schools in Pennsylvania – Closed for 2 weeks by the Governor

Restaurants and Bars – Closed

Non Essential Stores – limited to 50 people

March Madness – NCAA Basketball – Cancelled

NBA Basketball – On Hold til further Notice

NHL – On Hold

MLB Spring Training – On Hold 2+ ? weeks

All gatherings of over 50 people – Cancelled

Churches – cancelled

Meetings and gatherings – Cancelled

St Patrick’s Day Parades – Cancelled

Non Stop Drinking and Debauchery for St Patty’s Day weekend – STRONGLY DISCOURAGED

Movie Theaters – Closed until further notice

National Guard in most states activated

Travel bans from China, Asia, Iran, Italy, Europe, UK and Ireland.

Both Canada and Mexico closing their borders

As the hype and hysteria set in over the weekend, so did the level of insanity toward shutdown and control. Governors across the country were changing their minds faster than they change their underwear.

They continue to go deeper and deeper as the headlines get bigger. Is it bowing to public pressure?