Tap Water

I just came across an article that gets right to the point about Tap Water in Natural News:


Please check out the article, but I wanted to comment on each of the reasons:

  1. Fluoride – addressed in a previous article. Not a good idea to ingest neuro toxins.
  2. Chlorine – While necessary for purification, not necessary for your body.
  3. Arsenic – Arsenic and Old Lace. Enough said.
  4. Heavy Metals – music style aside, not good unless you want to permanently stunt growth and damage the brain. Lead is bad. Mercury is bad.
  5. Hexavalent Chrome – also mentioned in a previous article in regard to Erin Brokovich. I grew up working in a chrome plating plant. I remember during the 70’s when my Dad’s plant began a process to change from Hexavalent Chrome to Trivalent Chrome. And the reasons came down to issues with waste water treatment. Pollution is a bad thing for all of us who ant to live here. But only in the last 100 years were we able to scientifically see just how bad and consider what we need to do about it. In the case of decorative chrome plating, by and large the industry has gone away. It is too expensive and too dirty to make sense economically or socially. Look around while you are driving. How many chrome plated bumpers do you see? Check out people’s wheels. Most have changed to other alloys or hubcaps. Its been a global change that people have not really seen. Chrome was bad and has gone away. People found alternatives.
  6. Pharmaceutical Drugs – One of my major pet peeves. What do you do with drugs that you have and are no longer taking? What are your options? 1) thrown them in the trash, 2) wash down the sink, 3) flush down the toilet. Are any of these OK? I came to the conclusion that none are. Again, maybe it was my experience working around my father’s chrome plating plant, treating the waste water. We had a process for filtering the water, settling out the sediments and the neutralizing the acidity. At a certain point, it was deemed acceptable to dump into the sewer – all according to the standards set by the state and municipalities. But I knew there was NO WAY I wanted to be downstream of it. I had dealt with acid burns and fumes. And how much more effort would the sewage treatment plants do with Gray Water. The answer is, almost nothing. Filter, settle, Flash Chlorine and then dump it in the ocean. And we were lucky to know it was going to the ocean and not upstream of some other community’s drinking water supply.

Back to the drugs. Consider what happens when these pharmaceutical drugs end up in the environment. Are they being filtered in any way? Does the chlorine kill it off? Even worse, it you thrown them in the trash. Then they go to a landfill. Pray no one finds them. And guess what, once water gets to them, they will be leaching into the groundwater. I thought it was important when disposing of some stronger anti seizure medications. I lived in fear that some kid would find them and try them out for fun. But just as bad would be if they polluted the environment.