Wednesday January 2, 2019 BALSAMIC MOON PHASE:  release, transform, healing,  prepare for the new MOON IN SAGITTARIUS   I have started a diet this morning. Back to my cleanse diet and this time to start out the New Year. What I follow is called the Real Food Reset. It isContinue Reading

Starting Tuesday morning I will have completed the 30 day Reset Diet I started last month (on April 29th in fact). So I will be able to eat food again. I say this to be funny because the point of the diet was to eat “Real Food” for 30 Days. ItContinue Reading

As of now, I am completing my 3rd week of the 30 day Real Food Reset. This is the third time I am undertaking this diet in the last 6 years, I am pretty clear on what I need to eat. Though it is not always easy. What were/are myContinue Reading