Happy Monday – Summer is heating up

Monday July 31, 2023

– Gibbous Moon Phase – step out, take action, breaking away, expression

7/31/2023 @7:00 AM EST

– Moon in CAPRICORN – Void of Course 10:31 PM – 11:58 PM moving to Aquarius

– Retrograde Planets 2023 

Pluto – May 1 – Oct 11

Saturn – Jun 17 – Nov 4

Neptune – Jun 30 – Dec 6

Venus – Jul 22 – Sep 3

Chiron – Jul 23 – Dec 26

Mercury – Aug 23 – Sep 15

Uranus – Aug 28 – Jan 27

Jupiter – Sep 4 – Dec 3

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac)  July 31st – Cut Firewood, Potty Train, Kill Plant Pests, Dig Holes, Wean, Castrate Farm Animals, Mow to Increase Growth, Paint, Host a Party 

– Planting Calendar (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – July 21st – Good day for killing weeds, briars, and other plant pests. Poor for planting.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): – Kali – Goddess of Beginnings and Endings

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Kathe – God of the South, God of Frequencies, Harmonics, and Waves

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month – New Moon in CANCER SUN/MOON –  25 CANCER: a leader of men wrapped in an invisible mantle of power (EARTH – 25 CAPRICORN: an Oriental rug dealer in store filled with precious ornamental rugs )

SUN – 09 LEO: glassblowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing

EARTH – 09 AQUARIUS: a flag is seen turning into an eagle

Happy Monday! “Live in the Sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.” ~RW Emerson

Yes. Here in the US Northeast we are in the depths of Summer. It is my time of year. Hot. Sunny. Wild weather. Lots of time to be outside.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have heard the non stop attack in the lamestream news about the HEAT DOME that has formed over the United States and how it is proof of Climate Change, Caused by Climate Change, etc etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Summer time makes it easy for them to spout their Marxist climate alarmist propaganda. People go outside. Its hot. They sweat and feel miserable. They see and hear the propaganda and smile and nod. They accept the alarmist headlines at face value and are prepared for the upcoming wave of UN fueled attacks on society and the rich and the oil industry and anything else fueling our lifestyle here on Earth.

If you remember 6 months ago, the headlines were about Cow Farts. The heat alarmism would never have flown during the winter months.

The Headline of Today

This morning I awoke to the following Breaking News story on TV:

How Climate Change will affect Pennsylvanians financially!

After the third time announcing it, I wrote it down because I figured it might be worthy of sharing. All told at least 5 times across chevron and 4 total announcements and we get to the story. Kind of.

The whole of the story is that The Center for Climate Integrity (CCI) released a “study.” The Sky is falling. Its going to cost Pennsylvania taxpayers over $15 Billion dollars. All because of Climate Change.

No real details. Just Climate Change and Oil Industry.

So I went to their website to find out more. In their own words:

How much will it cost to protect Pennsylvania communities from the worsening impacts of climate change? At least $15.47 billion by 2040.

That’s the finding of CCI’s latest study, “Pennsylvania’s Looming Climate Cost Crisis: The Rising Price to Protect Communities from Extreme Heat, Precipitation, and Sea Level Rise,” which we’re releasing today in collaboration with Resilient Analytics and Scioto Analysis.

Over the past two months, Pennsylvania has been overwhelmed by extreme weather events that once would have been considered freak, isolated acts of nature. Torrential rain triggered flash flooding in Bucks County, killing at least five people. Extreme heat forced nearly 100 Philadelphia schools to close early rather than keep students in stifling classrooms. On June 8, Philadelphia had the worst air quality of any major city in the world. 

This relentless onslaught has delivered a clear message across the commonwealth: the climate crisis is here and will continue to endanger Pennsylvanian’s lives and health if local governments don’t make significant investments to ensure their communities are resilient to our new unforgiving reality.

I can hardly begin to unpack everything in this study, because it is just so deep. And I do not have hip waders strong enough to keep the level of ofal and BS off of me.

I had to look it all up, because the CBS morning news story . . . said nothing. except that CCI said it was going to cost Pennsylvanian’s over $15 BILLION.

So I began to unpack it. WHO the hell is the Center for Climate Integrity (get your own hip waders ready). They are a non profit think tank. They were started in . . . 2017. Curious year – the first year of Trump’s Presidency. Right after he had expanded oil drilling and fracking for Natural gas – making the country energy independent.

NOTE: I am right now railing on left wingnuts about their BS. But the term “Energy Independent” is similarly rightwingnut propaganda as well. It means 1) The US has Natural Resources, 2) Our Government will use or release these resources in order to provide economic advantage to American owned companies, 3) The intent is to control the oil market in the same way OPEC did in the 70’s and 80’s. Economically it worked. Biden undid it within a month when he was installed as president.

Back to the CCI – Started in August of 2017 by The Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (IGSD) (another Washington-based left-wing think tank/lobbying organization). So we follow the money:

  • Staff of 18 (you can guess the annual salaries of these C-Level/Lawyers) My guess is $2 million annually.
  • Funding sources:
    • The Rockefeller Family Foundation
    • The Rockefeller Brother’s Fund
    • Richard Wiles (British leftwing hedge fund manager billionaire $5B net worth) and the founder of the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and contributor to  Extinction Rebellion (XR), a radical environmental activist organization created in the United Kingdom in mid-2019. <<Wow how much does this sound like George Soros>>
    • The CIFF is Richard Wiles personal non profit funnels money to his other pet projects.
    • #EXXONKNEW – a social media organization designed to spread their “news” throughout the world
    • All these organizations also were active supporters of The Green New Deal – the UN designed, Soros penned, AOC Introduced environmental
  • In its first year, the funding sources provided about $12 million

Given the Rockefeller involvement, remember that the Rockefellers own Exxon. The Rockefeller family net worth is approximated to be about $360 Billion (more than Elon Musk, but since they are diversified they can pretend they have less). Ask yourself a question. Did the Rockefellers give the $1 million grant to help start CCI because they are good liberals that believe in fighting Climate Change against those horrible Oil Barons??? Is there something more sinister behind it? My vote is for something else.

Whatever the reason, this story has been part of the Climate Change propaganda assault waged by the left. This was truly a small story. Its intent was to seed a sensationalistic headline on the public of Philadelphia. One little piece of that big lie they will be trying to spring on us during the next election cycle when they are helping the Democrats fight against the evil republicans who want to ruin the environment.

ALSO In Climate Change News . . .

I have been noticing this advertisement all over Facebook for the past 3 weeks. I am generally pretty good at ignoring ads on Facebook. But since the picture reminded me of the pictures I posted last week comparing maps from 2017 to now and the 1990’s to now – same temperatures, more alarming hot reds to show the alarmingly high temperatures.

Well anyways, I wondered what this was trying to say. I know about heatmaps from my web design days. They did studies of websites that showed the parts that people would look at when they were viewing. The idea was that you could optimize the site and put the most valuable messages in those places. The “hot” places. Thus giving you a better chance of converting.

So I was looking for what this was and if it was a new web design tool. Oh stupid me.

It is a new app for your phone. It sends you perfectly curated Climate Change News Stories right to your phone each morning. Its like you daily dose of coffee. But this one tastes like Climate Change. And if you miss any of the HOT breaking Climate news that they push at you, you can always go read it on the site.

Another piece in the Propaganda War of Stories. I did look into the staff and funding to see if they had any relation to the Rockefellers. But I found nothing.

Pay Attention.