The Information War

Wednesday June 7, 2023

6/7/2023 @7:00 AM EST

– Disseminating Moon Phase – share, demonstrate, teach, learn, feed back, distribution

– Moon in CAPRICORN – Void of Course 12:40 AM – 4:42 AM moving to AQUARIUS

– Retrograde Planets – Pluto

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – JUNE 7th – Jar Jams/Jellies, Dig Post Holes, Castrate Farm Animals, Host a Party, Cut Hair to Slow Growth, Wash Wooden Floors, Quit Smoking, Paint, Wean, Kill Plant Pests, Start Diet to Lose Weight, Potty Train, Mow to Slow Growth

– Planting Calendar (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –  JUN 7th – 8th – Poor days for planting. Kill plant pests, spray, fertilize, do general farm work.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): – Chinnamasta – Goddess Who Expands The Mind

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Ian – God of the East, God of Wisdom

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month – New Moon in ARIES SUN/MOON – 30 ARIES: a duck pond and its brood     (EARTH – 30 LIBRA: three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head )

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year:  “a woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her

– SUN – 17 GEMINI: the head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker

– EARTH – 17 SAGITTARIUS: an Easter sunrise service

Mature Thinking

Yesterday I wrote on the subject of the public narrative – and specifically about what the Official Government/Cabalists have on tap for us to think about this month.

A follower on Facebook posted a comment on my thoughts.

whats so horrible about lbgt? people can celebrate anything they want to but this reads like you are very anti gay rights to me. correct me if i am wrong please.

My response to this follower was this:

My apologies. The ENTIRE point of my article can be summed up the two sentences: “Now you have options when deciding upon which virtues to signal in the year’s sixth month.” AND “and the Cabal chooses this month to pour all of their advertising dollars into everything about the LGBTQI+++WTF community, you have to ask yourself why.” There is a purpose to what is going on, and is has NOTHING to do with “pride”

The InfoWar

I wrote that post late last night with the intention of writing more about it today. This was a much deeper dive than the surface story about the promotion of the LGBT community. This is a story about the Information War that has been going on in full force for the past few years.

The roots of this propaganda war run deep. I have talked about different aspects of it at length. Or at least exposed many examples of it. Who is saying it. What they are saying. How they are delivering the messages. Who are the targets. Who are the victims.

And I ask the questions that need to continue to be asked with anyone who finds themselves outside the herd.

Think of the people who have been CANCELLED in the past 5 years:

Trump – Russia Collusion – Russian Dossier – kicked off Twitter, facebook and pretty much every Social Media platform. Impeached twice, multiple legal actions, documentgate.

Michael Flynn – George Papadopoulus – Paul Manafort – Steve Bannon – Roger Stone

Julian Assange – Imprisoned in Embassy in London and later in UK Prison. Sought by the FBI/CIA for embarrassing them.

Seth Rich – oops he’s dead

Edward Snowden – Forced to seek asylum in Russia for fear of what the US government would do to him for . . . embarrassing them

Alex Jones – Infowars – Deplatformed by big tech – legally chased down and cancelled

Sean Hannity – multiple advertising boycotts by the left.

Tucker Carlson – Kicked off Fox News for reporting . . . news inconvenient to the establishment

JK Rowling – for daring to question the Trans agenda in public

Ed Lindell – Sorry Bed Bath and Beyond. Ya fukd up!

Mel Gibson – Time Allen – Kevin Sorbo – James Woods – Caitlyn Jenner – et al

The list goes on and on. And do you notice that all of these come from the Political Right? Coincidence? Does it make you wonder if there is an AGENDA out there that is being controlled and defended?

And then let’s not forget the flood of people deplatformed during the Plandemic for talking about the CVyrus and suggesting anything other than what the Globalists say it was.


BTW this image is damn near impossible to find on Google anymore. Wonder why?

Anyone questioning the election

Anyone questioning Vaxines

Anyone questioning Censorship in Social Media

Anyone mentioning the 17th letter of the alphabet

Let’s Go Brandon!

Carlson is Back

Just a little over a month ago, Tucker Carlson was removed as the host of THE MOST POPULAR new-related program on television. Suspiciously it happened days after Fox settled a huge lawsuit with Dominion voting machines – because people on Fox News suggested that they were dishonest and helped to swing the 2020 election.

Twitter is not giving him a space to broadcast messages. And his first message, while not breaking the internet in the same way that Taylor Swift did, blew away viewership of . . . well any news show out there. Here is a link to it if you dare. I post is for only 1 reason. He used his first talk to discuss this same issue. It is worth the time

Carlson mentions a news story in this first message. It is about a credible whistleblower reporting the existence of a government coverup regarding UFO’s. None of the Mainstream media outlets mentioned a thing about it. On the same day, The New York Times website had 4 stories about Ukraine and 5 stories each about Donald Trump, Trans people and Climate Change.

Pay Attention.

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