A Lovely Day

Tuesday February 14, 2023

2/14/2023 @7:00 AM EST

 Third Quarter Moon Phase – share, demonstrate, teach, learn, feed back, distribution

– Moon in SCORPIO – Void of Course 6:53 PM – 8:31 PM moving to Sagittarius

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –February 14 – Advertise to Sell, Kill Plant Pests, Quit Smoking, Cut Hair to Slow Growth, Pick Apples and Pears, Wash Wooden Floors, Buy a Car, Mow to Slow Growth, Start Diet to Lose Weight, Harvest, Potty Train, Wean, Castrate Farm Animals, Perform Demolition, Wash Windows

– Planting Calendar (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – Feb 13th – 14th – Poor planting days. Good harvest days.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): – Matangi – Goddess of the Wind

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Seth – God of the North, God of Enlightenment

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month – New Moon in Aquarius SUN: –   SUN/MOON – 03 AQUARIUS: an unexpected thunderstorm   (& EARTH: –  03 LEO: an epidemic of mumps)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: a flock of wild geese

SUN – 26 AQUARIUS: a garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer

EARTH – 26 LEO: after a heavy storm, a rainbow

St. Valentine’s Day

February 14, also known as Valentine’s Day. It is the favorite holiday of the Duke and Dutchess of the globalist empire of Hallmark, who themselves are the patrons of bad poetry and sappy romcoms around the world.

If you happened to make monetary sacrifices this year at the altars of Chocolate, Roses or Lay Underwear, then you are either a convert to the cause or attached to one and you do not want to lose them. But did you ever wonder how it all started?

The Feast of Lupercalia

As with all good holidays, this one has its roots with the pagans (that would be Romans to you and me). Let me (aka history.com) tell you the story. If you follow the link, it will say the same thing as I say below – without my witty comments of course.

No one knows the exact origin of Lupercalia, but it has been traced back as far as the 6th century B.C.

According to Roman legend, the ancient King Amulius ordered Romulus and Remus—his twin nephews and founders of Rome—to be thrown into the Tiber River to drown in retribution for their mother’s broken vow of celibacy.

A servant took pity on them, however, and placed them inside a basket on the river instead. The river-god carried the basket and the brothers downriver to a wild fig tree where it became caught in the branches. The brothers were then rescued and cared for by a she-wolf in a den at the base of Palatine Hill where Rome was founded.

The twins were later adopted by a shepherd and his wife and learned their father’s trade. After killing the uncle who’d ordered their death, they found the cave den of the she-wolf who’d nurtured them and named it Lupercal.

It’s thought Lupercalia took place to honor the she-wolf and please the Roman fertility god Lupercus.

Ritual Sacrifice 

Lupercalia rituals took place in a few places: Lupercal cave, on Palatine Hill and within the Roman open-air, public meeting place called the Comitium. The festival began at Lupercal cave with the sacrifice of one or more male goats—a representation of sexuality—and a dog.

The sacrifices were performed by Luperci, a group of Roman priests. Afterwards, the foreheads of two naked Luperci were smeared with the animals’ blood using the bloody, sacrificial knife. The blood was then removed with a piece of milk-soaked wool as the Luperci laughed.

Feast of Lupercal

In Ancient Rome, feasting began after the ritual sacrifice. When the feast of Lupercal was over, the Luperci cut strips, also called thongs or februa, of goat hide from the newly sacrificed goats.

They then ran naked—or nearly naked—around Palantine, whipping any woman within striking distance with the thongs. 

During Lupercalia, the men randomly chose a woman’s name from a jar to be coupled with them for the duration of the festival. Often, the couple stayed together until the following year’s festival. Many fell in love and married.

Over time, nakedness during Lupercalia lost popularity. The festival became more chaste, if still undignified, and women were whipped on their hands by fully clothed men.

In Plutarch’s Life of Julius Caesar, Caesar famously refuses a golden crown presented to him by Mark Antony during the feast of Lupercalia.

As with most Roman things, it was all about the sex and debauchery. And let’s face it, when the Pagan Romans decided to become the Roman Catholics, things just had to change. . .

Now What About St. Valentine?

more from History.com

There are several legends surrounding the life of Saint Valentine. The most common is that on one February 14 during the 3rd century A.D., a man named Valentine was executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II after being imprisoned for assisting persecuted Christians and secretly marrying Christian couples in love.

As the story goes, during Valentine’s imprisonment he tried converting Claudius to Christianity. Claudius became enraged and ordered Valentine to reject his faith or be killed. He refused to forsake his faith, so Valentine was beheaded.

Legend also tells of another story that happened during Valentine’s imprisonment after he tutored a girl named Julia, the blind daughter of his jailer. The legend states God restored Julia’s sight after she and Valentine prayed together. On the eve of his execution, Valentine supposedly penned a note to Julia and signed it, “From your Valentine.”

Some historians believe more than one man named Valentine was executed by Claudius II. Despite the ambiguity surrounding Valentine and his life, the Catholic Church declared him a saint and listed him in Roman Martyrology as being martyred on February 14.

Thanks to Saint Valentine’s reputation as a “patron of lovers,” he became synonymous with romance. In the late 5th century A.D., Pope Gelasius I eliminated the pagan celebration of Lupercalia and declared February 14 a day to celebrate the martyrdom of Saint Valentine instead, although it’s highly unlikely he intended the day to commemorate love and passion. In fact, some modern biblical scholars warn Christians not to celebrate Valentine’s Day at all since it’s thought to be based on pagan rituals.

It’s true Valentine’s Day uses some of Lupercalia’s symbols, intentionally or not, such as the color red which represented a blood sacrifice during Lupercalia and the color white which signified the milk used to wipe the blood clean and represents new life and procreation.

Is Valentine’s Day based off of Lupercalia? Like many ancient traditions, there’s a lot of haziness surrounding the origins and rituals of Lupercalia and how they influenced the Valentine’s Day holiday. Lupercalia is no longer a mainstream, public celebration for obvious reasons, but some non-Christians still recognize the ancient event on February 14 (instead of Valentine’s Day) and celebrate in private.

As for all of us today and worshipping at the Altar of Hallmark (or Cadbury or Zales or Proflowers or Victorias Secret) St Lupercal’s little Key Party has become quite the big deal.

From Wallethub.com (an unknown website that did a hell of a lot more research on this than I did)

Top 6 Valentine’s Day Facts for 2023:

  • $25.9 Billion: Total Valentine’s Day spending projected for 2023 ($192.80 per person celebrating).
  • 2X: Men will spend almost twice as much as women, on average, for Valentine’s Day 2023.
  • $9.9 Billion: Amount Americans will spend on jewelry ($5.5B) and a special evening out ($4.4B).
  • 25%: Share of marriages that begin online.
  • 33%: Overall online dating activity increase across the US between February 1 and February 14.
  • $28.3 Billion: Projected global dating services market size by 2027

I have always called this “holiday” a scam created by the greeting card industry and an excuse to get laid. Figures above agree. That being said, I bought roses and chocolates for my wife. And we will be getting dinner out tonight. Not quite the orgies of 2000 years ago.

Whichever the case, I think revisiting the origins of the holiday reveal a whole lot more about us now than most people want to admit. Given the size of the porn and sex trade industries, much of what the mainstream says about the world is pretty suspect.

Valentines Day inhabits much of what we would call the wholesome side of what the mainstream accepts of sexuality. People talk openly about giving chocolates and roses. They smile slyly when someone admits they are buying sexy underwear. In the end, it’s all talking about leading to sex. But no one is allowed to say it out loud.

At least on TV or the radio. But once the cameras and the mics go off, the language changes from PG to X pretty fast.

The History books are written by the mainstream. So how much do we really know about the frankness of our ancestors – from Roman Times, The Middle Ages, Victorian era, The fifties? All the Mainstream ever talks about the fifties amounts to “Golly geeze Wally. You are acting square.” I would love to have been able to hear people talk back then when the cameras were off. The response would sound something like “Fuck you Beav. I’m gonna kick your little ass.”

History might be a lot different if we really knew what the people back in the day would say. Here is a list of some unexpected comments from our past Presidents that might make people think them not so Presidential:

  • Abraham Lincoln “There is nothing to make an Englishman shit quicker than the sight of General George Washington.”
  • Andrew Jackson was such a potty mouth, he thought it was funny to teach his pet parrot to swear like a sailor. One of his old friends wrote this of him, “Andrew Jackson was the most roaring, rollicking, game-cocking, horse-racing, card-playing, mischievous fellow that ever lived in Salisbury.” He was such a partier and bar brawler that his inauguration party got so out of hand he had to sneak out a back window for his own safety. When he was 67, he savagely beat a man with his cane. If his White House aides hadn’t come to the man’s aid, Andrew Jackson would’ve been the man to death.
  • Richard Nixon ” The Jews are just very aggressive and abrasive with obnoxious personalities,” “San Francisco is full of fags,” “Mexicans are dishonest,” “Blacks live like a bunch of dogs.”
  • Lyndon B Johnson “fuck your parliament and your constitution.” to a Greek ambassador. “I never trust a man unless I’ve got his dick in my pocket,” “I want someone who will kiss my ass and say it smells like roses,” “the difference between [a senator and a representative] is chicken salad and chicken sh*t.” “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years.”
  • Zachary Taylor was known as ‘Old Rough and Ready’ because of his brashness.
  • George Bush “We tried to kick a little ass.” When talking about the 1984 presidential vice president nominee debate.
  • George W. Bush cursed and said many foul things on a hot mic such as: “he’s a major league asshole”Jimmy Carter: “I’ll whip his ass” referring to Sen. Ted Kennedy.
  • Harry Truman “I didn’t fire him because he was a dumb son of a bitch” about a general. “He’s a shifty-eyed goddamn liar,” about Nixon.JFK was notoriously foul mouthed “This is obviously a fuck-up,”
  • Ronald Reagan “God damn it, Pierre.” To Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
  • Bill Clinton “I don’t think I should take any shit from anybody”
  • Barack Obama called Kanye West a “Jackass” and Mitt Romney a “Bullshitter”. Another treasure, “You know that guy ain’t shit. Sorry-ass motherfucker ain’t got nothing on me.”

How did we get from Love to F–k?

As a society we are not particularly honest about the reality of who we are. Are we chaste lovers or crazed sex fiends? How does history write it. JFK was a National Hero and his wife was everyone’s darling. He was nailing Marilyn Monroe behind her back and in front of the secret service.

The disconnect is huge But it points out that there are so many disconnects between the reality and the show. And it is happening right in front of us.

Why is anyone shocked when we see it out in the open?