Chinese New Year

Sunday January 22, 2023

1/22/2023 @7:00 AM EST

 New Moon Phase – begin, initiate, wish, project, set an intention

– Moon in AQUARIUS

– Retrograde Planets – Uranus

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – Jan 22nd – Paint, Potty Train, Wean, Castrate Farm Animals, Cut Firewood, Dig Holes, Host a Party, Mow to Increase Growth

– Planting Calendar (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – Jan 19th – 20th  – Good planting days for root crops where climate permits.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): – Kali – Goddess of Beginnings and Endings

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Seth – God of the North, God of Enlightenment

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month – New Moon in Capricorn SUN: –   SUN/MOON – 02 CAPRICORN: three stained glass windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war   (& EARTH: –  02 CANCER: a man on a magic carpet observes vast vistas below him )

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: a flock of wild geese

SUN – 03 AQUARIUS: a deserter from the navy

EARTH – 03 LEO: a mature woman keeping up with the times having her hair bobbed

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. In Chinese, the festival is commonly referred to as the Spring Festival (traditional Chinese: 春節; simplified Chinese: 春节; pinyin: Chūnjié) as the spring season in the lunisolar calendar traditionally starts with lichun, the first of the twenty-four solar terms which the festival celebrates around the time of the Chinese New Year. Marking the end of winter and the beginning of the spring season, observances traditionally take place from New Year’s Eve, the evening preceding the first day of the year to the Lantern Festival, held on the 15th day of the year. The first day of Chinese New Year begins on the new moon that appears between 21 January and 20 February.

~ unapologetically copied word for word from wikipedia

The rabbit is one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs that the Lunar New Year is based on. Last year, it was the Year of the Tiger. The rabbit represents “longevity, peace, and wealth.” People born in the Year of the Rabbit are creative, extremely clever, patient, and peaceful.

~ also coiped, but this time from

Now if you want to celebrate here in the US, you would be best to find you local Chinatown or such enclave, as they will usually be celebrating there. Otherwise, the US pretty much blows this holiday off. We might see a cute story on local news, but not much else.

Considering that over 1.6 Billion people in China are celebrating it, and that they will be celebrating through the next month, it might be something to pay attention to. I like it because it is a lunar holiday and is celebrated at the New Moon.

New Beginnings

Beginings are good places to set intentions. Western Grewgorian dates say that is the New Year (January 1). It’s a random time, but you can do it. Per the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it is now. It is the New Moon in Aquarius.

While I like to look at the New Moon in Aries (the beginning of the astrological year), that is a few months off. We are here and now and I want to start something. Seems like a good time. Chinese New Year. New Moon – Set an Intention.

Cleansing – For the month of January I have been on the 30 Day Real Food Reset. On the one hand, it is a restrictive diet. No unnatural sugars. No processed food. Eat everything as close to nature as possible.

Its first goal is to change your mindset about food and nutrition. At the same time you are 1) eating mostly healthy real food (meats, fruits, vegetables). In our world of processed, over prepared manufactured foodstuff, this is a chance to take the body back to a healtier place, 2) reducing or eliminating food based toxins, additives, GMO’s and the like. We are the embodiment of better living through chemistry. chemical flavorings, colorings, fortifications and the like.

By doing so, your body will work optimally. But even moreso, it retrains you to take better care of yourself.

In addition I began filtering all the water I consume with a Berkey Filter. This has reduced untold amounts of toxins floating in the water that comes through our faucets.

My 30 days will be up at the end of January. So far I have lost over 10 lbs. The pain in my arthritic knees has reduced substantially. I can climb and descend steps without using a handrail. But mostly I feel better.

Because of the way I am feeling, I am looking to extend the success. Will it be the extremes of the Reset? Maybe. Maybe not. But I like it so much, I want to. I want to lose more weight. I want the pain in my knees to stay away. And to do each of those things naturally.