What the 5G?

Are you Protecting Yourself from 5G and Other EMF Radiation?

Digital Tracking Tower in West Lawn, PA Spring 2021

If you have been paying attention to it, you know that there is a heightened level of angst about the 5G rollout here in the US. Specifically with airports and the potential that the 5G signals may interfere with communications between the Control Towers and Airplanes in the sky?

Back when they first started testing the new 5G towers a couple years back (ohhh about the last month of 2019 in places like Wuhan China and then outward from there), there were a lot of questions about the safety of these signals. Could they be causing adverse health affects? Health affects that might mimic elevation and oxygen deprivation sickness?

Yes people asked it. And they were quickly shouted down and silenced faster than a Twitter post mentioning the 17th letter of the alphabet. People mentioning it were either compared to Alex Jones (who himself was deplatformed just a year before for similar reasons) or pelted with pictures of morons wearing tinfoil hats – or both.

It is the underbelly of Big technology that rarely sees the light of day or is allowed to be mentioned outside of dark alleys or Star Trek conventions.


Enquiring minds want to know. And since the ones in China not welded into their homes did not want to be labeled as Uighurs by the Chinese government, the story fell by the wayside.

But But But . . .

You say this is far fetched? A complete buch of . . . Malarkey?

I guess that the 2009 4G Rollout and H1N1 Flu breakout were just a coincidence. And the 2002 3G Rollout and SARS virus were also just a fluke.

The likelihood of an official report on these events are slim to none. But I am sure there has to have been some form of MRNA secret sauce that was called a cure for each of them. And that same Kool aid is probably part of the annual Flu shots distributed to nursing homes across the country today.

Between AT&T and every other player in the telecommunications industry, big finance and government, this will never be admitted out loud.

So we must go underground (to the lair of the tinfoil hats) if we want any form of protection.

Last year, a wise owl pointed me in the direction of some technology that offers protection from EMF Radiation. And I will gladly promote the products with no chance of me benefiting from it (actually I signed up as an affiliate for the products but lost my passwords, so I will make nothing from any sales from this).

The name of the Company is EMF Harmonized. Here is their 30 second pitch for their products:


Unseen to the human eye, electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation is engulfing our households and communities from the electrical power transmissions that come from our cell phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi enabled devices.

These EMFs create adverse effects within our human biology and physiology in various ways that impede healthy cellular function throughout the whole body.

There are over 30,000 studies showing how EMFs from cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi and bluetooth-enabled devices are harmful to humans, animals, and all biological life…but are you aware of how?

I also have been using the products since the summer. They are pretty simple to use and provide protection through a hologram. If you click on the pictures, you can get to the website to find out more or buy them.

Between the two, I like to believe they provide a barrier of protection while I am around them.

More honestly, there are other things you can do to protect yourself. I like to call these more lifestyle changes. But having the holograms make them more effective:

Do not carry your phone close to your body – In general, I do not keep my phone in my pocket.

Talk Hands Free whenever possible – Talking on the phone usually means having it up to your ear. I like to keep it away from my head.

Do not keep your cell phone in the room you sleep in – Give your body a break at night.

Outside of the phone:

Wifi – Best practice is to turn off your Wifi and night when you go to bed. If you cannot do this (need it for access to phone signal and people to get ahold of you) at least isolate yourself as much as possible.

Smart Power Meter? – If your power company forced you into it (like mine did) you are screwed. There are ways of getting around it. Some cost money and others just cost persistence. But if it is in your house, use a shield.

Locate your Local Towers – I write about this earlier in the year. And the tower in the picture above is about a mile from my house. You have seen them before (or maybe you haven’t). But they are all over the place and beaming 5G, 4G and whatever other G’s they can all over your neighborhoods. Again, shielding is good. (BTW I just googled EMF Shielding and found that you can buy fabric that works like a faraday cage. I will have to look into that!)

Houseplants – the Natural shield. A lot of basic houseplants provide shielding from EMF’s I found this article and though you might be interested. I have put a double star (**) next to the one’s im my house.

Sunflowers – Did you know that sunflowers were planted around Chernobyl to help absorb harmful radiation? These gorgeous plants can also reduce EMFs in the home or office.

**Succulents – Succulents and cactus plants thrive in the sunny Southwestern U.S. and arid regions of Mexico. Known to absorb EMFs, these plants are ideal for people who have yet to cultivate their green thumbs.

**Betal Leaf Plant – With its rich green waxy foliage, the betal leaf plant is attractive but also one of the most trusted EMF removers because it’s been studied closely.

Stone Lotus Flower – With its low profile and small growth habit, the stone lotus flower is perfect for desks or small spaces.

**Aloe Vera – There are so many reasons to keep the aloe vera plant in your home. Its healing gel has the power to soothe a sunburn, for example. The EMF-reducing plant needs bright, indirect sunlight and regular watering for optimum health.

Areca Palm – The head-turning areca palm is a beauty when it’s maintained for good health.

**Spider Plant – Spider plants are highly popular and widely available indoor plants. They remove EMFs but also have other air-purifying properties.

Split-Leaf Philodendron – With its distinctive foliage and vibrant green hue, the split-leaf philodendron is a stunner. This EMF-absorbant plant should not be kept in direct sunlight.

Rubber Plants – The trick to keeping attractive rubber plants healthy is to maintain their moisture requirements.

**Snake Plant – The snake plant grows rapidly when it’s well cared for.

Whether or not you decide to try some shielding, I highly suggest you pay attention to the sources of EMF radiation in your life.

Please let my know of your own experiences and ideas that I have missed!


  1. Don’t forget about using rocks and crystals and orgonite for protection!!! I like shungite…

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