Massage Parlors, Perverts, Asians and a Whole Lotta Questions

Early in the morning on St Patrick’s day, gunfire broke out all over the suburbs of Atlanta. As the story breaks down, a single while male visited 3 separate massage parlors and opened fire on the people there. And god knows that the news media needs to be able to tell the story. And in the last 24 hours, the stories have run between horrifying and hilarious.

And worst of all, it has left us all with so many questions that people are glued to the TV’s.

For those of you who do not know better, this is being called (at least by me but as you will see, it fits) a FALSE FLAG EVENT!

By that, I mean it is an event. Something happened. And now the intellectual powers that be are rushing to make a story out of it. And throwing so much spaghetti against the wall it will not likely be clean in this lifetime (or at least the next 15 minutes).

The FALSE FLAG part comes from that old addage often attributed to prominent Democrat Rahm Emmanuel, “let no tragedy go to waste.” And they have some dooseys on this one. So I would like to pose a bunch of questions. And like with the Socratic method, allow thew questions to reveal truths that are being missed.

The Simple story:

  •  21 year old man (kid) visits 3 massage parlors. For the sake of this story, we will call them what they are. These are whore houses. Men visit them in order to pay to receive sex acts.
  • While at these locations, Kid opens fire on the people working there.
  • 7 people are killed – 6 of them are Asian women.
  • More are injured.
  • Kid is apprehended and arrested.
  • The News Media reports this as a hate crime against Asians. They have also mentioned Misogyny and Xenophobia.

So now its time to start asking questions. Many of these will not have answers that can be made (some people call that rhetorical). I will give you an example. “Why are Democrats so stupid?” There are thousands of answers to this question, but few are relevant to this conversation and I am not trying to open the whole can of worms.

I would call this game “20 Questions, but I do not want to limit myself (or force a bunch of extra questions if I do not come up with enough).  So here it goes:

At age 21, why would this Kid have such knowledge of this many different Whorehouses?

How could this 21 year old kid develop a “sex addiction” in the short time it was legal for him to go to these places (I am assuming that the sex trade has rules like for Drinking)?

How many Whorehouses are there in the Atlanta area?

How many of these whorehouses are there across the country? In every city? In every Community?

Why were these whorehouses allowed to operate since Prostitution is illegal?

What is the percentage of masseuses (We will henceforth just call them Whores) that are of Asian descent?

Were all of the people killed Whores? Were some of them business owners (we can call them Pimps).

Why are there so many Asian whores?

Why would one of these whorehouses advertise that they use Asians on the sign on the front of their building?

Are these whores being trafficked? Are they forced to have sex in these brothels?

Were these whores American citizens?

Do you think that the average Asian whore makes at least 15 dollars an hour?

Would making this profession legal help to increase the minimum wage issue?

Why did this story become so important that President Joe Biden brought it up in a speech and mentioned hate crimes against Asians?

Why did Vice President Kamala Harris speak to the press about this event and talk about hate crimes against Asians?

Why did former President Barrack Obama magically find someone in the press to interview him and talk about Hate crimes against Asians?

Why did White House Press Talking head Jen Psaki declare, “Trump is partly to blame for Hate against the Asian Community?”

Why did the CBS Early show feature an interview with Comedy Central show “star” Trevor Noah about his “powerful monologue”where he declared how positive he was that this crime was completely motivated by Racial Hatred?

Why did the morning News (again I am pointing to CBS news because that is what is on at our house) show 4 different stories about poor older Asians who were randomly beaten in the streets?

Why was Daniel Day Kim (actor who has starred in Lost and Hawaii 5-0) interviewed about Asian Hate crimes?

Why has this been blamed on Trump anti China Rhetoric?

Why has every politician of Asian descent been interviewed about this?

Why did Gayle King report that “Black and Brown people are standing in solidarity with the Asian community”?

Why did she compare this to the George Floyd shooting – and suggest that it could spark more national protests?

Given the Revenue for advertising for this time slow in the morning for the hour of the Early show well exceeds $2 Million, and HALF of the show was taken up by this story, you ask, WHY was this story worth over $1 million in ad revenue?

Given that CBS is only one of the major networks, and NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox and MSNBC would have given it at most equal coverage . . .  lets call it about $20 million over a 24 hour cycle, but in actuality it is higher . . . Why was this story worth the time and money of Big Media?

You get the gist of this game. You can ask any question whatsoever with these fools and the rabbit hole. So let’s pose the even more important questions:

WHO decided on this story line?

WHAT are they hiding or distracting us from with this story?

WHY do we continue to let this happen?


Keep asking the questions. Over and over again. Every time they do it!




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