Friday November 6, 2020

Friday November 6, 2020

– Disseminating Moon Phase – share, demonstrate, teach, learn, feed back, distribution

– Moon in Cancer – Void of Course 8:27 PM – 2:18 AM 11/7 Moving to Leo

– Retrograde Planets:  Neptune, Chiron, Uranus, Mars

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –  November 5th – 6th – Can Fruits and Vegetables, Mow to Slow Growth, Go Hunting, Brew Beer

– Gardening tips  (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –  November 4th – 6th – Start seedbeds and flower gardens. Good days for transplanting. Best planting days for fall potatoes, turnips, onions, carrots, beets, and other root crops where climate is suitable.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): Kali (The Destroyer of Time), Tara (Goddess who Guides Through Troubles) and Shodashi (Goddess who Fulfills our Highest Desire)

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Elias, God of the West, God of Transformation

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month – New Moon in Leo: “A third wing on the left side of a butterfly” (& An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia)

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “A Triangle with Wings”

SUN: 15 SCORPIO: Children playing around five mounds of sand

EARTH: 15 TAURUS: A man with rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, braves a storm

What Election Coverage Did you Follow last Tuesday?

As we sit a wait to see what the cabal reports as the result of the US Presidential election, Its time to look back at the way it was reported.

Who did you listen to on Election day?

For me, I switched back and forth across 3 devices.

  1. Lamestream News – CBS News – This is the channel most watched in our house (its the only channel my wife will watch. So from the time it started, CBS Norah O’Donnell, Gayle King and the rest of their cast of Democratic Party hacks reported on the election. They stayed true to their belief in all the Polls that Biden would win and it was their job to report on that historic event. (NOTE: I Never watch NBC or ABC)
  2. Cable News – FoxNews – By and large, they were the most even of the channels I followed. They were back and forth about who they seemed in favor of. And they kept getting the figures and their calls wrong. It was obvious that other news outlets were following their lead with calling states for one candidate or the other. (NOTE: I Never watch CNN or MSNBC).
  3. Internet – Facebook live with Steve Bannon Warroom – and company – This show was interesting because the Pollster, Richard Barris, knew more about the states than any other in the lamestream. He went through the states and county by county could accurately represent what was happening at the ground level. And he more accurate than any others.
  4. Patriot Channel on Sirius XM – Featuring David Webb, Andrew Wilkow and Alex Marolow – Unapologetically conservative, right wing republicans. I usually enjoy them, however it was a radio and not TV broadcast. They could talk about results but not show them. And they spent a lot of time interviewing partisans from the Trump administration.

If you watched another network – or multiple different networks, and paid attention to the specific biases of the network talking heads, I would love your opinions.

But I would posit that other than Fox, who I would call the most even handed of the Mainstream news outlets, the whole of the mainstream bats from the left side of the plate.

Is that due to the majority of them are educated from the POV of the left? Probably a part.

Is that because the networks are intentionally biased? Pandering to a specific audience? Owned by a specific party?

What Flavor Bullshit are You Consuming?

I often wonder how people decide on what news outlet they listen to. Is it the politics? Is it comfort fro years watching the same thing? Do you believe one is better than the other? Is it a specific News anchor you trust the most? Did you fall in love with Wolf Blitzer during the Gulf War?

Years ago I stopped settling on a single outlet. I realized in 1979-80 during the Reagan-Carter Race that the bias could not be hidden. I was only 13 and could see that Dan Rather and Sam Donaldson were seething over a Reagan win. They were in pain reporting that Carter would lose. Those same biased fools were spitting nails 4 years later when Reagan won every state except Minnesota and Washington DC. And this is what people were “trusting” for information.

And here is where we must both acknowledge and question personal bias. And where does the personal bias intersect with the corporate cultural bias of the network and the over arching temperature of the nation?

It wasn’t until 1996, when Foxnews went on the air, was there a broadcast that did not report with a left wing bias. And ever since then, Fox has been railed on and insulted because of their bias. I would say that at least they acknowledge their bias. When 80% of the reporters identify as left of center, there is a problem.

Were it not for the fact that my wife likes to watch news, and her channel of choice is CBS, I would not watch Television news at all. And listening to it, I tend to think that every show and broadcast is more like a left-wing circle jerk. And when the only thing that I really want to see from the news is the Weather (and I would personally rather not have every broadcast be a commercial to believe in Climate Change), its not worth watching.

An Election Like No Other

After the 2016, I thought there could not be any worse political shenanigans to be seen. But who knew that 2020 would be a PLEASE Hold my Beer situation.

Plandemic – Here we have it. you must decide. How did  the Global Plandemic act as the catalyst to change the way the US does elections? I for one will go on record saying that the Plandemic, has been extended and used specifically to change the world economy and social culture in order to allow the possibility of a democrat win in the US elections.

The Democrats have spent years trying to change the playing field for elections. I remember back in the 1980’s. I knew fellow students involved with CALPiRG (an crazed environmental group started by Ralph Nader). During elections, they acted as “get out the vote” shock troops for the democrat party. They were closely aligned with another group called ACORN – whose job was to do the exact same thing. ACORN was blown up for being pimps and hiring prostitutes back in about 2009 – but the infrastructure and people matriculated through the Democrat establishment to do exactly what they have been doing this election – harvesting votes.

What did Vote by Mail do?  In some states, they were able to send ballots to every person on the States’ voter roles. But anyone knowing anything about huge lists like this, the accuracy is 70% at best. Meaning that 30% were inaccurate. Wrong person, wrong address, dead, etc. Say you were an enterprising democrat and received 10 different ballots at your apartment. Would you turn them in? Throw them out? Open them and fill them out according to your preference?

There is a big reason that there have been more votes cast year than ever in the history of the United States. It is because they made sure that instead of a piddling 52% turnout, they got more like 80%. Ask yourself why states like Wisconsin had more votes cast than there were registered voters. Ask yourself how states that were likely Red states magically moved to blue by just enough votes as to not be contestable.

And if you believe, really believe that everything is on the up and up, then I hope that you enjoy the taste of that Blue Pill that you have been sucking on. Change will be a coming.

What do we do now?

As I sit here listening to psycho-babble coming from CBS News in the other room (it’s a virtual celebration – surprised they haven’t popped champagne), I ask, What will we do?

Constant Vigilance. The power structure that will be put in place will be bad. It will reenact every policy that had us in a 8 year recession under Obama. They will call it the Trump-COVID recession. But it will be caused by increased taxes, regulations and malaise caused by Socialist policy. Watch constantly for what they will do to you. They will be erecting walls. Probably not physical ones (they would be slaughtered for that after 4 years of fighting Trump’s border policy). But legal and social walls. Look for permanent changes in election law – controlled from the top.

Protect Yourself – Stand on the rights that we are promised by the Constitution. Right to free speech, free assembly, religion, right to keep and bear arms. Stock up. There will be shortages. Buy a generator – ask California what rolling blackouts are like. Plant a garden. Your sovereign self is gonna have to protect itself.

Question Everything – Big brother will be watching you. They already were I am afraid. But it will be worse. Because they want to control you.

Turn Off Big Media – enough said. We will connect where we can and where we have to. But mainstream sources are not safe. We are not free to express ourselves.

Connect to Ground, Connect to Source – This stuff is not natural. And there will now be patriots willing to join together in a solidarity not known before. We can connect and make thing safer and better for ourselves.

Start here and feel free to offer some more advice. We will all need it.




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  1. I stopped watching TV news about 7 years ago after my Father passed. When I took care of him the final 5 months of his struggle with stage 4 lung cancer, I would often sit through Fox news with him in the evening. In my younger days I probably watched NBC the most (was a fan of the today show). As a child I recall the Huntley/Brinkley report on in our living room every night My older brother turned 18 in 1968 so Vietnam was of intense interest to he and my parents (I was 8). Since the psyop of 9/11 I became well acquainted with the history of TV along with the rise of the National Security State (they coincide). The media collusion in the wake of 9/11 made it clear that mainstream news has been we orchestrated for a very, very long time…via newspapers, radio and then TV (and now the internet). The narrative is planned and controlled. The left/right paradigm is a false dichotomy…just one more social engineering stage play. You are always allowed to vote for a candidate who is bought by the same buyers and the outcome is well scripted. In reality we elect no one…we play make believe. You can pretend you are in that world, but never believe you are of it.

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