DADA – Who do you listen to?

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Defense Lessons in Fighting Mind Control

One of my past mentors used to constantly ask the question:

“Who do you listen to?”

Who do you listen to? This question is different than “Who do you learn from?” Most people think they are the same. What does “listen” mean? What does “learn from” mean. Think about these things. Ponder this: You can learn the most from your enemies.

Think about those who hate you, those who YOU hate, those who make you feel bad, those who “hurt” you, those who if they would only change your life would be better. These people are your greatest teachers.

You should love these people. These people, more than any other, can bring you to a “place” where all your dreams can come true. Remember, YOU attracted them into your life. They are an answer to what you have been asking for.

YOU called them forth into your life. This is why “love your enemies, love those who hate you” is a common high spiritual teaching.

This is an important question to ask yourself as it ultimately defines the kind of information that you are consuming and where your mind will focus.

What you Consume can have an impact on your Well Being

How much do you read? For the purpose of this article, I am not talking about Periodicals, The Internet, Television, Radio or any of that. I am talking about books.

I both read and listen to audio books. I started audio mostly to take up the time in between when I am busy doing mindless work and am unable to read a book. This would be driving and household chores like dished and laundry.

For me, I am always reading multiple books. Some actively and some passively.

So Who do I Listen to?

I will list some of my Go to sites for entertainment and education.

Oracle Report -Laura Walker – Astrology and Lunar phases. I have been following the Oracle report since 2011 and Laura’s insight continues to be spot on.

Blogging From Paradise – Ryan Biddulph – He is a blogger whose claim to fame: “Blogging from Paradise – our community – is where you can learn to have fun blogging, to boost your blogging income, to generate more traffic and to actually enjoy the ride.” I have been following since early on in my blogging career. He understands the craft like no other.

AWAI –  American Writers and Artists Institute – They are an organization dedicated to teaching Direct Market copywriting. I have been through their course twice and continue following their blog and Newsletter – The Golden Thread – to continue honing the craft of copywriting.

PIR – Patriot Intel Report – Phoenix’s daily report is a must for “The Patriot on the Go.”

Sol Luckman – SnoozetoAwaken – Shares insightful information about medical and political fraud all over the internet.

Suspicious0bservers – Daily Spaceweather News Report.

Radio – The Patriot Channel on Sirius Satellite – Up to date news commentary. They are conservatives, and often go a little wild with their rants. But it is the go to spot to find out news that the Media is ignoring

Breitbart News and The Drudge Report– See above about The Patriot Channel

TV – Ancient Aliens, Big Brother, Lovecraft Country

I DO NOT ACTIVELY CONSUME MAINSTREAM NEWS – CBS. NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN – They are an unreliable source of information. Except for weather. And that is only if you really want dosages of Global Warming propaganda served up warm and mushy.

I DO passively watch CBS. It is my wife’s goto channel for everything. So I have to stomach the BS from the other room most of the day – like second hand smoke permeating its stench through everything. I enjoy lampooning the talking heads (that is when I am not throwing things at the TV). I use it as a baseline for what the mainstream is saying.

So What am I reading RIGHT NOW?

Harry Potter – and the Chamber of Secrets – JK Rowling – I am reading the whole series, This is day 5 and I am on the second book. This is inspiration and lots of fun.

50 Things THEY Don’t want you to Know – Jerome Hudson – Its a “ripped from the headlines” kind of book compiled by a member of the Breitbart News team. It points out major news stories that the mainstream news media have been ignoring.

The Master Game – Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval – It is subheaded “Unmasking the secret rulers of the world.”  I got this book because of my love of Graham Hancock. Unfortunately it is not available on Audible. But it puts together a lot of the behind the scenes Illuminati shadow groups playing kingmaker around the world.  It offers a fascinating account of the background political/religious forces that have been (and still are) shaping and controlling our lives and society.A little old, but still very useful information.

American Crusade: Our Fight to Stay Free – Pete Hegseth – I picked this up after hearing an interview with Pete Hegseth. One of the most concerning aspects of this election cycle is the messaging. The Democrats a large advantage here. The media is their darling. Anything they want to say is told in epic drama all throughout the news cycle. Where Trump triumphed in 2016 was his ability to steal the news cycle with whatever he wanted to put out there. After he won, the Democrats and the media swore to never let that happen again. So the question is, what message will he be able to shoot out to his 80 Million Twitter followers to capture the hearts of America? Will he be able to do it. Pete Hegseth offers a strong foundation for that “conservative” message. We will see how it works.

Homework Project – Who do you Listen to?

1) Who do you listen to? Make a list of the people that you are listening to right now. That could be authors, Friends, Celebrities, Business Associates. Try to list all that are affecting you now.


2) How have they changed you or affected your life?


3) What Books are you reading right now?



Please consider this. Write it down. Figure out where you are right now. Is it getting you where you want to go?