For the past few years, We have been offering Astrocartography Charts for people who are interested.  So you ask, what is Astrocartography? And how do I read my charts? I sat down with Sheila Corona of Conscious Conversation Central to discuss what it is all about. I ran her charts a month or so ago, and we have been talking about her chart, and what it all means.  Watch the video below.

But What is it? Here is the wikipedia definition:

Astrocartography (called “astrogeography” in Europe in earlier years) is one of several methods of locational astrology, which identifies varying life conditions through differences in location.

Developed and popularized by American astrologer Jim Lewis (1941-1995), astrocartography is a locational astrology system that focuses on elements of the natal chart, by identifying these factors on a world Astrocartography Map. The maps show all locations on the earth where planets were “angular” (rising, setting, on the zenith or nadir) at the moment of an event like a person’s birth. An “angular” planet is one that is conjunct one of these four angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC or IC). These locations are displayed in the form of lines on the map.

These maps are used by ‘astro-cartographers’ to counsel their clients on plans for relocation or travel. As such, they are part of a general branch of astrology known as locational astrology or “relocation astrology”. Other techniques used for this purpose include local space mapping, relocated birth charts, and city incorporation charts.

What IS Astrocartography? Why might YOU care? Come sit in on this conversation with my friend Andrew Foss as he shares what he knows on this subject as we look over the charts that he can provide for you too.

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