Happy Monday! April 27, 2020

Happy Monday! April 27, 2020

– Crescent Moon Phase: challenge, growth, struggle, expansion, gathering

– Moon in Gemini

– Sun in Taurus

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – Bake, Cut Firewood, Cut Hair to Increase Growth, Mow to Increase Growth, Dig Holes, Wax Floors, Get Married, Start Diet to Gain Weight, Buy a Home

– Gardening tips April 27-28 (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –Plant seedbeds and start flower gardens. Plant tomatoes, beans, peppers, corn, cotton, and other aboveground crops on these most fruitful days.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): Tara – Goddess Who Guides

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East, God of Wisdom

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “A Triangle with Wings”

SUN: 8 TAURUS – A sleigh without snow

EARTH: 8 SCORPIO –  The Moon shining across a lake

Happy Monday! Smile. Sparkle. Shine!


Going Deep – Back to the Snowjob

The sharing of my game Corona Live! was lots of fun and a great way to lighten the burden of the lamestream snowjob being blasted at us 24-7 during the Global Pandemic meltdown. This morning as I have just reached 47 “COVID19’s” and 32 “CORONAVIRUS’s” I can  see that the snowball continues to roll down the hill, getting larger and larger.
Much of the reason behind this game was to shine a light on what they are doing. The mind control games. The lies. The propaganda. The bias. All of it.We all SHOULD know about this stuff. Today, kids learn about the Cold War in text books (kind of – and only when they are actually in school). When I was in school, back in the 80’s, The Cold War had not caught up to the curriculum.
But we had Animal Farm and 1984. Kennedy was still offered Martyred status, so the Marilyn Monroe and LSD parties were not mentioned very often. Pravda was the ultimate joke of the world, showing outright lies and fabrications that were being told to the Soviet citizens – with no opposition allowed.
All of this going on, and what can we say about the “Free Press” in the USA? The “Free World” looked to the United States to find out the facts. And thinking “Free Press” meant that they/we were reading unadulterated facts, names like The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine . . . the list goes on and on . . .  were given prestigious status everywhere.

It has taken how long to learn about Project Mockingbird – telling us that all that “free press” we thought we were reading was really just a better written version of what was being served up in Moscow.

So how do we sift all the shit from Shinola? I would like to offer some examples. Bear with me. See if I can make it all make sense.


With the 2016 Election, one of the most brilliant tactics of the Trump team was trolling the media with the moniker Fake News! And it was not a difficult tactic to drive home. The media had proved itself to be completely biased, worthless shill for yellow journalism for years. For the mainstream media, I do not think they even attempt to deny it. All he had to do was wait for them to misquote him, and voila, scream FAKE NEWS.
And since he controlled his audience – between his huge Twitter following and coast to coast rallies, it worked. It was like in the Movie They Live! When Rowdy Roddy Piper puts on the Sunglasses and sees all the propaganda signs all over the place. Tight in front of his eyes all the time.
So for many,  it was a wake up call. OMG CBS News is lying to me about politics. And CNN. And MSNBC. And ABC.
For me, one of the biggest in-your-face call outs of  Fake News came when Hillary became sick on the campaign trail. She was seen on television coughing and unable to catch her breath. She was sick. And this is not a problem. People get sick. But then, she lied. And the Media helped her. Watch this video:
I have seen longer versions. It was OBVIOUS that a script was written and delivered to all of the media sources about how to put a strong and happy face on the situation. And ALL the anchors read that script.
So you ask yourself a couple questions:
1) Are they doing it because it is what the talking heads believe and want? Are they good actors, or faithful servants?
2) Is it coming from higher up the Network Food Chains? Management? Ownership?
3) Are all of the networks reading from the same script? Is it a shock that there are ONLY 6 independent media sources? There used to be hundreds.
These questions alone are enough to take you down one hell of a rabbit hole, if you want to follow it. Most people wont. But there are other questions that you should keep asking. And it goes WAY beyond the election campaigns. It is how the media frames everything.
Let’s take a simple example with COVID19. The President has been making daily press briefings about the State of the Nation. So have most of the governors – at least here on the East Coast they do. And it might as well be like a Daily State of the Union speech. Trump talks for 1/2 hour, and they you have 3 hours of The Democrat Response – Usually beginning with Andrew Cuomo or Gavin Newsome – or around here the clowns from PA, NJ and DE (all democrats).
As we all know, The President brought up about an approved drug that could be offered as a therapy for people suffering from the Coronavirus. It is a medication called Hydroxychloriquin. Basically this is a synthesized version of Quinine, the natural and accepted medication that has been used for over 100 years to treat outbreaks of malaria. It is a boiled tree bark. Not pleasant tasting and difficult to dose. But it works.
Now, the President offers this up while standing in front of his entire medical team and pandemic team. He is not just talking out of his ass. He is presenting something that has been well discussed. The only problem would be that this medication is not yet FDA approved as a therapy for this particular illness. Does this mean it will not work? Nope. Just that there isn’t a specific regiment offered by the FDA about how to use it.
Once he mentioned it, Doctors all over the country began using it and testing different variations and combinations of medications to fight the effects. Even David Agus (the CBS National News Doctor in New York) claimed he was prescribing it to EVERY patient he was treating for COVID19. Even Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks’ wife) used it while she was sick in Australia,
Now here is the rub. Hydroxychloriquin costs about $150 per dosage in the United States (If you are in India, that cost is less than $10, but who is counting). If you were to simply use Quinine, the cost would be about $4. This will NEVER WORK with the medical establishment.

Fast Forward Last Weekend

If you ever want to gauge the playbook of the media (and this the political left in the USA) watch the weekend morning news. If what they were doing were not so serious, it would be hilarious. Saturday Morning on CBS (I have a statistical sample of 1 network as it is the one my wife prefers) between 7:35 and 8:10 there were 5 stories. 2 Stories were about local people who had COVID19 and survived. Both were administered Hydroxychloriquin, but they could not say whether it helped them fight the virus. Rita Wilson was interviewed, and she said that Hydroxychloriquin made her feel bad. A last story very specifically was a critical hit piece against The President for even suggesting an unapproved therapy. And then the final nail in the coffin about the Member of the Medical team who resigned/was fired because he felt that he was being pushed to certify medical manufacturers that he felt were Trump Cronies.
Versions of these stories were repeated throughout the morning – to force the messages Trump Bad. Trump stupid. Trump Corrupt. And this did not even touch the Bleach Comments.
you would think that anyone with a pulse could see the manipulation of facts. The seething BS of false emotions. All as a set up to force a false political narrative.