Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday, April 17, 2020

– Balsamic Moon Phase: Complete, Revise, Realign

– Moon in Aquarius

– Best Days (from the Farmer’s Almanac) – Can Fruits and Vegetables, Mow to Slow Growth, Castrate Farm Animals, Wean, Potty Train, Brew Beer, Get Married

– Gardening tips April 17-19 (from the Farmer’s Almanac) –Set strawberry plants. Excellent for any vine crops, such as beans, peas, and cucumbers. Good days for transplanting. Favorable days for planting root crops.

– Aspect of the Aeon Sophia: (Wisdom): Chinnamasta, Goddess who expands the Mind

– Aspect of the Aeon Thelete: (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East, God of Wisdom

– Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “A Triangle with Wings”

SUN: 28 ARIES – A large disappointed audience

EARTH: 28 LIBRA –  A man in deep gloom; unnoticed, angels come to his help

The veils between the worlds are thinnest during Balsamic Moon phase.  Spirit is breathtakingly close.  It is a beautiful thing if we are able to let go of the controls.  A higher power seeks to untangle us from restrictions so that we can begin anew with the New Moon. The goal this weekend is to open to limitless possibility.  There is every reason to dream a big dream during the Balsamic Moon phase of the Aries lunation. 






  1. Hi Andrew, I love your phrase “Spirit is breathtakingly close” I can feel it. Much love to you

    1. Author

      Big smiles. But I must give credit where it is due. This was taken from a description Laura Walker wrote a few years back about the Balsamic phase.

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