I do not consider myself a “competitive” person. And what I mean by that is that I am not the sort of person who is constantly trying to out-do everyone else. If I am in “competition” with anyone else, it is usually myself and the standards I set for myself.Continue Reading

I saw this on Facebook and felt the need to share it here. It fits right in with my list of 24 things to do when you are young. It was written by Joe Payton (A facebook friend of a friend of a friend). He said he was responding toContinue Reading

At What Point Do We Stop Learning? All the time we are in Government School, we are looking forward to graduating and getting to our next place. What that place will be – college, trade school, a job, a gap year? In theory, that is what you are trying toContinue Reading

What are your secret Fears? This is a difficult question for many people. Because often, even acknowledging a fear is as good as setting it off. We often bury our fears around and behind so many barriers so as not to ever have to face them. In reading the articleContinue Reading

Just Do It! Are you an adrenaline junkie? Does the idea of sky diving or hang gliding get your blood pumping? Some are and some aren’t. I for one have always liked extreme entertainment. Roller Coasters, surfing, Bike Racing (Mountain and Road), Bridge jumping. At amusement parks I would alwaysContinue Reading